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About ARO Registry Cleaner

ARO Registry Cleaner is a new type of computer optimization software that you can download which claims to give you the necessary tools to fix, clean, and optimize your PC for better speed and performance.

A registry cleaner is a type of software designed specifically for computers with Microsoft Windows operating systems, which unfortunately means that it is not compatible with Apple computers.

Registry cleaner software like ARO 2013 works to removes repeated or unwanted items from your Windows registry, an act which is said to have the ability to increase the speed and efficacy of your computer.

Whether or not registry cleaners are effective is actually controversial. It is true that computers with Windows Operating systems are prone to keeping duplicate files, and if it stores enough of these files it can affect your computer’s performance.

Unfortunately, if your computer is having speed and performance issues, the truth is that it is highly unlikely that these problems are just due to unnecessary registry files. In order to address all the reasons why your computer may be having trouble, ARO Registry Cleaner says they have all the necessary tools to all problems your computer may have.

Their website,, says that ARO 2013 can fix system errors, oversee the removal of malware and spyware, optimize your PC’s memory, clean clutter, delete privacy files, improve your start up times, identify a potential virus, and more.

You can run a free scan of your computer with this software once you download it. This scan will run “a full registry and junk diagnostic, remove 50 registry entries, clear temporary Internet files and analyze your computer's security software status.”

But if you want the software to perform its full load of solutions to optimize your computer, you will have to pay for the full version. The price of the software isn’t published before you begin your initial download, but it should be around $29.95.

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