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Armando Montelongo

Armando Montelongo of the hit TV show Flip This House has just released his own real estate home study course called Flip it Now.

The course reveals the techniques and methods that he's used over the course of five years to become one of the nations leading property flippers. Armando's real estate success is the product of a true rags-to-riches story.

Prior to being a nationally recognized investor he had to learn on his own how to make money with poor credit, no cash, and no experience.The result of his efforts are found in his two part course, in which he teaches you how to make money flipping homes. 

Flip It Now is broken down into two sections a low priced eBook collection, and a full service master course.  Which you choose depends on your level of commitment to learning this form of real estate investing.

However, Armando's booming popularity has not always helped him as there are just as many critics as fans.  In fact it seems that with Armando it's either a love him or hate him mentality with little middle ground.

His criticisms stem from several areas, to begin with there is a large group of people who found his behavior on the show off-putting.  In several episodes he's captured being rude to his hired labor and even to members of his own family.  He also has a no-nonsense style of doing business which many interpret as rude.

The other aspect of Armando Montelongo's problems come from his legal history which contains a pending theft of service lawsuit and allegations of performing construction work without permits or legal labor.  Together these areas of Armando's past make him a ripe target for criticism and internet slander. Personal flaws aside he has been working in the real estate industry for many years and has real experience flipping homes.


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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints for 'Armando Montelongo'


Average Rating is 2.24 out of 5 based on 420 reviews.

Nelson   Las Vegas

5:59pm on July 7th, 2013

Just reserved seats for the free seminar. Here's the thing he said he started while he was living in the freaking garage, and had nothing. how does he expect someone to come up with 1500.00 dollars for more in depth training?

Mike Anderson   Atlanta

10:13am on June 21st, 2013 

This crook and all his cronies belong in prison for fraud. Read down through the reviews and see how many people have been scammed by this convict-mentality crook. Don't believe any of the reviews over 1 star, it's one of his cronies putting up a bunch of BS. If you attend one of this scam artists seminars and give this idiot even a dime you deserve to get ripped off. Stay away at all costs or just throw your cash out the window, you'll be at least saving some time. You've been warned.

cristy Thompson   kansas city ks

4:17pm on June 2nd, 2013

after reading the reviews I wont be going to a seminar I know a scam when I see one and I truly believe this is a scam but I also think you can make money off flipping houses but this guy is getting rich off selling his knowledge

Glad I found this   Kissimmee,fl

4:18pm on May 21st, 2013 

Had such high hopes, watching him on A & E wanting to get into flipping. But am 100% thankful for finding this site. When reading more bad than good one has to believe its a scam! I'm due to go to the infomercial tonight with my husband, needless to say we will not be attending nor will we call to cancel.

Jen   Milwaukee, WI

12:03pm on May 9th, 2013 

Should have done my research before attending...but it was a beautiful day out of the office, so why not? I knew there would be a sales pitch, but nothing could have prepared me for the blatant disregard for human kind. If someone tells you point blank not to take advise or discuss major business investments with your spouse or parents....you might consider that a red flag. If the disclaimer on their video presentation said most people who attended don't work or make much money....that is the red flag hitting you in the head! If it is too good to be true...it is probably to good to be true! Please don't drink the kool-aid.....

George   indy

9:38pm on April 28th, 2013 

Me and my girl just got out of the 3day seminars and it is all BS! Please do not go and spend Ur money on this program! All they tell u is BS and don't even teach ya nothing besides to spend more money on them! PLEASE DO NOT GO! I promise ul hate yourself if ya do!

K   Texas

6:07pm on April 16th, 2013 

Personally, I think this program is NOT a scam. People....nothing in life comes free. After attending the 2 hour seminar, they talked me into buying the $1500 course. I am now flipping about 2 - 3 homes a month and I've made over $180,000. This is not for lazy people, you need to work HARD at it, and be POSITIVE!!!!! attitude IS KEY. have an open mind, and you will succeed! If you signed up thinking the free 2 hour seminar was going to teach you everything about flipping houses, well, your stupid.

BVPHILA   ChesterCty,PA

8:58am on April 13th, 2013 

I attended the free 1.5 hr seminar this week at King of Prussia. The free seminar was a sales pitch (not real surprised)and like others here $1497 for the 3 day (long) course. Of course they made a deal on a flip during the talk (how interesting w/the timing)and they show some testimonals which have to be valid o/c. But what is my concern is that what others are saying after the 3 day course, it looks like you are on your own pretty much, and that's not good. You need a mentor to help you out, foreclosures I know from other people can be a nightmare esp. HUD housing which I looked at years ago. The repairs on these could be astronomical not the $10-15k they normally say. I think maybe his book would be a good start, but in reality again a normal person that is new to investing NEEDS a mentor all the way. Anyone who spent $40k on that bus ride, man I could've invested on that & made a decent return! They do say one right thing that it is not a GET RICH quick scheme, which is valid.

Kylie   Ca

8:18am on April 3rd, 2013 

I can't believe that this clown is still able to run these seminars in Ca. Who is protecting the public?
I believe it's just a matter of time before this outfit gets closed down for good.
Armando and his cronies need to punished for all the people they have scammed across this nation.

Tits Mcgee   Uranus Mexico

8:54pm on March 30th, 2013 

Quit my job yesterday, made a hundred thousand trillion in the last 45min. Thanks Armando Scamtelongo

Josh   Mass

3:46am on March 22nd, 2013 

Gee, the shills aren't way too obvious here are they?

Maria   Texas

12:07pm on March 21st, 2013 

I sincerely am hoping his seminars work because my son is about to do this. He's doing it so that I can retire. He's looking at this as a gamble investment and oh well if it doesnt work out, we throw away more on scratch offs. I have watched the show on T.V and I don't think he would pay so many people to play act. Good luck to everybody and lets move forwrd without any negativity.
Sincerely (a Mom)

Matt   SA

3:58am on March 19th, 2013 

I used to work for this guy. And, yes it's true we were forced to tell the student yes if they asked if fraudmando was going to be at the 3 day seminar. Most of the students I spoke to after attending the 3 day were unsatisfied that's a fact. This guy does not know how to run a company. His C.O.O does cocaine in the restroom I mean come on.

IC   Baltimore

4:42pm on March 15th, 2013 

I went to this seminar fully knowing that 90% of the seminar would be a sales pitch and that the other 10% could have some gems. I give the seminar a fair rating because it was exactly what I thought it would be. If I would have gone into this seminar thinking it was purely educational, then I would have given it a 5. The seminar did confirm for me (and expand) some of my knowledge of purchasing homes via tax liens. I will be acting on that, but I did not purchase ANYTHING from Armando. I got rid of the sales, took the basic info and now will be working with a real estate lawyer. Please only go to this if you leave your money in the car or have no problem saying no. I actually got one of the guys to do the second part of the seminar without purchasing any "training". He tried to dissuade me, but I told him that the tax liens were what were more interesting to me and that hearing about that separate program would be more enticing to me to buy the whole training. Yeah right. I walked away with the little knowledge, some extra motivation, no money out of my pocket and some decent coffee and a writing pad. Go in with a clear head and get what you can without spending a dime. Saving money is a legitimate way to become a millionaire too.

Gregory Rosenheck   Tamarac FL

6:04am on March 14th, 2013 

I understand perfectly what these complaints are all about. Before I went to this seminar I attended another school also. Out front they told you if you want to full amount of courses which is on the web it would be $15,000. I got sold the essentials for $2000.00 But I dropped that course for this. Why because in order for me to look for that course on the web I have to go though my 7 day recession period before I get to see the course. (which means if I don' like what I see I am stuck. At least Armando for 1400 I got some CD.s (not great but better LOL)

Ok now let's talk about Armando. I liked the Seminar it was a little long and a little bit of selling but for me it was more about the information. I have started to Flip my own houses before these seminars and I've made mistakes but learned from them all. I look at these courses as a tool not a panacea. I verify everything and everything has to be verified because different laws are to different states. My 2 courses did talk about investing with IRA's and Both of them mentioned (Armando) at the free seminar talks about tax lien investing and I actually leaned a strategy that made sense. I was impressed. I did buy their website on tax lien look up, but I also went to my county website at the end of the day and kind of figured it out, but I can see how Armando's website can be easier. ON my county website I had no one to call at 6pm so it was frustrating.

Bottom line no one is going to make you rich. for $2000.00 It's a tool, some better than others. I'm an A+ and Net+ computer professional. as they say what you learn the real world is way different than theory in school. Some schools (or shall we say teachers are better than others) and that's that. I always verify what I am taught by Books and other websites and of course my team accountants' lawyers real-estate brokers etc. So this isn't the end all. Do you think I'm going to spend 30-40K on a bus tour. Hell no. I can buy a house for that. But I will try out his suggestions but more importantly I will network with contractors and other professionals that I meet there and maybe develop my own team.

As they say you take what you can and leave the rest. As I said before At least I got something out of this Seminar I got a few cd's that I can listen to in the car. All these programs are somewhat scamish. But if you can take the information and put it to use and you are reasonably smart it might be able to work. No school will make you rich no school will make me an IT professional it's up to (you or me) to take what you have learned and implement some action. BTW I don't work for Armando I live in Tamarac Florida in a 55+ building and I'm 45 years.

I am looking forward to the course. I know there might be some selling. but I'm looking forward to asking my questions and learning some new ideas and I don't have much expectation for the coaching as they promised as part of the course (but for 1497 I could care less the other course wanted $15,000 before any coaching came into play. But if they do what they promised I'll be in 10th heaven.

REMEMBER THIS TAKE WHAT YOU CAN AND LEAVE THE REST !!!! I asked my sales rep if I pay for this course will I learn enough to get out there to invest properly. He said yes. I asked him will they try to sell me another course. he was hesitant, but he put it like this it's like going to college you become a doctor first then if you want to advance and become a surgeon you go back to school and pay more. And you know what it does make sense. I don't like to pay for BS and I verify everything. But I can agree to that. If I can make a few deals based on what I learned in the 3 day course then I got my moneys worth. If they want another 1000 or 2000 afterwards and if I am going to learn something substantial I might go for it. If they 25,000 that I won't do. I'll find a book or better yet ask a professional a lawyer, a bank or even a realtor.

If anything remember this is a tool. Any school especially one that isn't state certified won't make you rich. Use it to network with others, learn whatever information they give you and take action. I found a contractor at the seminar he even does repairs on fires wow. A few weeks ago there is cheap townhouse in the best area in Broward county now I might look at that. Take what you can and leave the rest !!! Good luck.

Rich Franklin   New York

10:02am on March 12th, 2013 

This guy and his cronies are scam artists who belong in a federal penitentiary and judging from the many law suits against them, most of them will be there soon. Don't spend a dime on these convict-mentality run seminars. Read the reviews on here and research this scam online and you'll see what a total scam it is. Don't believe and review on here over one star, they are Armando s scam artists infiltrating this blog trying to salvage what ever is left of this total scam program. If you are foolish enough to give this clown so much as a dime, you deserve to get ripped off.

Jack   Location unknown

5:09am on March 9th, 2013 

Calling the fbi tomorrow biggest scam program around next to a few things.

Rob   Clearwater,FL

10:32pm on March 7th, 2013 

I went to the seminar tonight. The lead speaker (read SALESMAN) was a guy named Joel. Very well coached and obviously a slick and practiced salesman. So the sales pitch starts out about 20min into the presentation. Then as the 90 or so minutes wears on, the original price of $2997 for the 3day seminar is whittled down to an 'If you act right now' price of $1497.

So I pull Joel aside and tell him this....
If your first written guarantee is if I fail to flip a house in 90 days I get a full refund...and your second written guarantee is if I DO flip a house, take 5-6 pictures of it, show copies of the documents proving I did the deal and sign a waiver to be used on their infomercial I ALSO get my $1497 back...then why not just give me the 3 day seminar?? Either way...failure or success...I am guaranteed to get my money back. Joel said I should hang around to the end (an additional 30min) and check back with him, he stated he would see how many seats remained open. Well, needless to say he was POOF gone before the 30min session was over.

Here is what I take away from the free seminar...

Say 100 people sign up for the free seminar....50 show up. Out of the 50 who show up...10 buy the $1497 3 day seminar.
That means $14,970 collected from 1 seminar.

x2 a day $29940
x5 days at each hotel basically $150,000

90 day guarantee on your money back

That is a 90 day...$150,000 INTEREST FREE loan you just gave these clowns.

Now the only numbers I cant calculate without inside information, is how many of those "guarantees" they actually honor, and how many people don't ask for their money back. And it does not include the junk they try to sell you in the 3 additional days that you PAID them....TO SELL YOU MORE JUNK!

David Simmons   West Linn, Oregon

1:04am on March 4th, 2013 

I got taken for a ride too; to the tune of 20K. David Montelongo, Tobey Waggoner, Mark Larabee and Dallas Tall. All of these guys have been running this same scam for many, many years. They used to be called Mentoring of America. Google any of these names and you'll find the words scam and ripoff right next to them. They made me take out new credit cards to pay for their courses. They promised I would make my money back quickly. It never happened. Why would anybody pay 40K to go on a bus ride? Please,please do not waste your money on these scammers. Also, please, please add your complaint to every ripoff and scam so everybody is aware of them.

Karen Colon   ABQ NM

1:10pm on March 3rd, 2013 

A co- worker and I went to the 3dy seminar and like so many others they did not tell us anything but hot air, One the 1st dy I knew that this was bull and all they are doing is taking taking taking your hard earned money. The smart this to do is if you still want to put your hard earned money in there pockets be smart and put the 3dy seminar on a credit card that way you can call your bank and let them know you did not get what you paid for. My co-worker was told at the free seminar that he would get a free cd player, not have to put any out of pocket money but then they hit you with having to pay 1500,00 for the 3dy class and then 90,000 for the bus tour. Also Bob venter was very rude to some of the people that went to this seminar. He asked Bob a question and Bob turned around and said did I not give you homework, did you not do your homework and walked off. My co-worker paid for the class was told he would get the products the next day, he never got it. When we went to class we were told they have a back log and it would take five days before he got the package but what they do not tell you is if you do not sign up for the bus tour you will never get the product this was told to one of the people in my class by Bob Venter, how rude is that. Save your money do not pay his or any of his members pay check and they will run out of money quick. All I can say is DO NOT GO TO ANY OF THE SEMINARS DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY. Also all the houses Armando buys from the banks are all paid for and he takes you to homes that are his gets you to fix them up then sells them you only get 10% and he makes 90% of the money what does that tell you. Be careful do your homework before to put any money out. You can write me at welshborn@hotmail.com if you have any questions.

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