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Armando Montelongo

Armando Montelongo of the hit TV show Flip This House has just released his own real estate home study course called Flip it Now.

The course reveals the techniques and methods that he's used over the course of five years to become one of the nations leading property flippers. Armando's real estate success is the product of a true rags-to-riches story.

Prior to being a nationally recognized investor he had to learn on his own how to make money with poor credit, no cash, and no experience.The result of his efforts are found in his two part course, in which he teaches you how to make money flipping homes. 

Flip It Now is broken down into two sections a low priced eBook collection, and a full service master course.  Which you choose depends on your level of commitment to learning this form of real estate investing.

However, Armando's booming popularity has not always helped him as there are just as many critics as fans.  In fact it seems that with Armando it's either a love him or hate him mentality with little middle ground.

His criticisms stem from several areas, to begin with there is a large group of people who found his behavior on the show off-putting.  In several episodes he's captured being rude to his hired labor and even to members of his own family.  He also has a no-nonsense style of doing business which many interpret as rude.

The other aspect of Armando Montelongo's problems come from his legal history which contains a pending theft of service lawsuit and allegations of performing construction work without permits or legal labor.  Together these areas of Armando's past make him a ripe target for criticism and internet slander. Personal flaws aside he has been working in the real estate industry for many years and has real experience flipping homes.


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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints for 'Armando Montelongo'


Average Rating is 2.24 out of 5 based on 420 reviews.

Amber   Whittier Ca

5:10am on February 27th, 2015 

Don't even call the number!! I called and the lady that answered the phone was super rude and it felt like I was bothering her with my questions and bullying me to go to the seminar so I hung up, I have 16 missed calls and counting since Iv called and they won't leave me alone!!! This is a huge scam and they bully you into it.

Scott Yancy   Las Vegas Nev.

9:56am on February 16th, 2015 

He needs to carry a gun like I do, Undocumented under paid workers follow your directions. Have your wife contact my plastic surgeon,asap. Your giant pretty truck,not work truck needs to be replaced w/ my leased sports cars.Last ,keep up the good work as a loud mouth egotistical,greedy phoney actor. Sets you up for those rip off seminars. All other "builder shows,pure propaganda from many building items corporation. Any lic. st. Contractor sees the true Scott FANCY Yancy pants. Have some ethics,Someone who has dealt w/ homes my entire adult life,59 yrs old. And proud of my profession,your a con artist w/ eye candy,which you love to yell at. I get it,


12:54pm on January 31st, 2015 

If you don't know a scam artist when you see one, good luck to you, you'll need it.
A fool and his money are soon parted.

Everyone who saw him on that show, already knows he's a crook.

Gomez   Corona

10:04am on January 19th, 2015 

Armando Montelongo is a big scam artist, The seminar is a waste of time and a big waste of money. The MC promise that Armando will show to the seminar but never does. They ask u to pull money from credit cards to purchase more of their products. I purchased The seminar and with the seminar comes DVDs and audio CDs. When my package arrived I noticed that one of the audio CDs were scratched"used" I call them and rolled them asking for a new set. They replied"send back the package and we will send you a whole new order." I did just that I never received anything back from them. So basically I paid $1200 for nothing.it is a huge scam. I called my bank to complaint about the purchase. My bank contacted there office but they said that they sent me out new cd's. Which was a big lie. I would not recommend the seminar it to anyone. Unless you want to waste your money and waste your time then this would be the seminar for you. Armando Montelongo and his team are scam artist. I wouldn't recommend this seminar to anyone.

LaVere Fischer   Milan, IL

9:04pm on December 6th, 2014 

Strong arm selling. Bugging me after this phony seminar. Everything that they had was for me to spend more and more.
I understand that the homes that he refurbish are made up with the cheapest light fixtures, doorknobs, etc.
Even to be an investor to loan out my money to his potential home buyers, they wanted $10,000.

steve   california

12:32pm on December 6th, 2014 

I crack up at all the people complaining about the free seminar. I guess some people just want everybody to do everything for them. I have been a realtor for ten years and finally got tired of watching my investor clients make all the money. I went to Armando's training. Did I have to pay? Of course. You have to pay to be educated. I have now been involved in his programs for 6 months and am happy to say that I am no longer a realtor. I am now flipping houses for my income. I'd like to thank God and Armando. I learned more in 6 months on how to make money than in 4 years of college. Did I have to pay??? Of course. Just like I did in college. It's just that college taught me how to work for somebody. Armando taught me how to work for myself and make money!

BeTina   New Jersey

9:39am on August 21st, 2014

I'm so thankful I found these reviews before I called to reserve my tickets to attend a seminar next week. First off the infomercial doesn't tell you it's a 3 day seminar nor does it mention you have to spend money! It does advertise it's a "free seminar" people! So for those rude comments to the ones who felt this is a scam by the idiots who actually fell for this were not the dumb ones who handed over $1500 for BS! Have fun trying to get your money back!

cheryl   fountain hills, az

11:37am on May 11th, 2014 

these reviews are true about not getting your free gift and about the 3-day seminar for $1500 where you DO NOT learn anything!!!!! DON'T DO IT!!!!!

brent   alabama

12:00am on March 31st, 2014 

If your teachable, this course is knowledge.. If you choose to use what you learn, you will make money. Keep working my friends! If you took the class, you understand...

Drinking the Kool-Aid!

Antonio   So. Florida

1:53pm on February 11th, 2014 

I don't normally make the time for this nonsense, but I did read these comments by all these broke whiners. To them, anything that involves hard work, or paying money just HAS to be a scam.

"I watched it on TV, so you know it's true!!!"

Go on now, everyone; voice your uneducated opinions to the skies!

The rest of us are too busy working our a$$es off making money in RE...

Chris   NY

3:13pm on January 21st, 2014 

You all should of did your research before you spend your money. There are books at the library, and information on the internet, but all of you were greedy and wanted to get rich quick or get a huge payout right away. I only watched the show. I almost got swindled when I was about to go to a seminar for grants. As I did recon I started to get nervous. Like when you buy your first house or your first new car. This was at the time before internet was accessible on the phone. My wife and I sat through the seminar. It was a 2 hours. But after 30 minutes I told my wife this is a scam. They have not gave any information yet on grants. They just going from one speaker to the next telling you all the money you can get for free. After that we bailed.
I foundout at the end of that seminar they were hitting people up for money, and were trapped from leaving.

After that we learned to go to the library and internet to do research before we do anything.

People go rushing to these get rich schemes without doing any research . Just because the person is on Tv it doesnt mean he is trying to rob you.
Again do you buy a house without doing research where you are going to live? When I am buying anything I do my due diligence before I buy it.

Linda   Texas

4:42am on November 15th, 2013 

Well I first seen this guy a couple of years ago on tv and was very interested then. so when I seen him on tv a few weeks ago I called the # on the screen trying to purchase the dvds the sales rep told me I could not purchases the dvds and told me the only way to acquire them was to attend the free seminar that I would receive them in the gift pckage which also included books audio and a mp3 player just for attending so I reserved my tickets. I WAS UNAWARE OF ALL OF THIS REALY THE BBB DOEST EVEN APPROVE OF THIS GUY HOW IS IT POSSIBLE 4 HIM 2 STILL ADVERTIZE AFTER ALL THE LAW SUITS AND EVERYTHING ELSE!!!! SO anyways a friend and I went to sugarland last week. AGAIN I was unaware of any of this. I'm shocked to be honest. I was told that once attending the seminar WE WOULD BOTH receive these items. (We didn't, I received some books and audio cds.) And I have to admit the guy was a good sales rep he sold me! I was so caught up in his sales pitch I asked few if any questions and signed up right there. I am a firm believer that knowledge is power so purchasing the training was no issue for ME. Until I looked this guy up for more info and directions to the greenway plaza in Houston. don't know what to do now, I wrote the guy a check for $1497. It is now pending in my bank. I have planned to show up at 9am. cause I don't know what to do if I already paid, and to be honest I don't even think they will be there I can not find any info for it. anyways I don't knock anyone for trying to make learn or earn money but there is a way to go about it the honest way not by over charging for information that I now know now is right at my finger tips. what I did receive was the audio and the books and again I was so excited about the program that I failed to look inside the bag assuming they were honest and had given me all what they said they would. They even called me to confirm I would be there and asked if I was going to be bringing a guest so that they would have sufficient gift bags for EVRERYONE attending. I will be calling my bank to inform them of this matter (15 hundred) I don't know about you but I don't have that kind of money to throw around like its nothing. Now because I did receive the books, I began right away reading and studying what armondo had to "teach". So then I went out and got myself a laptop, internet, and a printer with the works the next couple of days. I knew (I know) I would need these tools, my camera and phone for this new leaf I would like to turn into a full blown business one day. So I can say if it wasn't for armondo I probably wouldn't of taken such action so soon knowing my financial state. I took the liberty of reading all the reviews on this site and another which I was unable to read all of because there were so many (over 2000) they all said the same except for the ones paid for which all gave him a 5 star rating. I am going in a few hours because I did get key pointers for this business and I also believe you only get out what you put in but would really like to have a personal advisor in this venture and hope to find one soon maybe I will meet you there. and just for the reader I will be canceling that check. I know that I may be making some conflicting comments but you have to understand I still cant believe that I was unaware of such a huge scandal and that I gave them a check for 15 hundred $. I rate him a 5 star in con-sales. He got me if I would have taken a step back to review the situation I may have not done that (wrote the check). but thanks to the move I made now I have access to the whole-wide-world. My opportunities are now endless! I have to look at the bright side. But just remember life is what you make of it

Karen   CA

2:09am on October 20th, 2013 

Armondo is a low life scam artist, shamefully disgracing his fellow Hispanic vendors. He never pays what they ask, he will out bid them over half of their original quote. He disgraced and degraded his own father in law into cleaning up scum and filth for a pitiful $150.00. Shame on Veronica for allowing her husband to disgrace her step father in law. He makes over $40,000-70,000 on every flip, yet he won't even pay his contractors. He talks down to Randy, Chris and the other contractor, and they allow it. I wish someone had some nerve to just walk away from a job site and never go back, and to take their friends with them!

Ken Davidson   Seattle

8:25am on October 12th, 2013 

In case anyone hasn't figured it out yet, this seminar is at scam. Go to the BBB website and just look at the rating and all the complaints against this fraudulent crook. Why he's not in prison yet is anyone's guess. If you plan on attending his seminar and are ignorant enough to actually fork over $1500 for his joke of a 3 day seminar, then the joke is on you. Avoid this crook at all costs and don't be another ignorant fool falling for another scam infomercial, some people never learn and these are the fools he takes advantage of daily, so don't be one of them.

Jim   Raleigh NC

8:23pm on October 10th, 2013 

Here is the deal people.. If you are here to see if he is a bad person, You all ready have your answer. You are here so you know the truth. He is fleecing people who are willing to be fleeced. I can watch reruns of his show and tell he is nothing but a liar in his heart. Cares for nothing but his own arrogant self. So by all means go and give him your money, and stop whining about how you got taken.. Its your own dam fault. And... Its time for a revolution! Take back America!


10:24am on October 7th, 2013 


John   Northern California

2:09pm on September 30th, 2013 

Broken Promises - No Value - scam . I received an invitation to attend a Free Seminar. I was promised a "FREE GIFT" for attending. The free gift was suppose to be an Audio CD and a Soft cover book. I was suppose to receive this gift after the completion of the seminar. I attended the seminar (which was a sales pitch to purchase a 3 -day training course)after the seminar was over i asked for my free gift and I was told there are no Free Gifts. I showed the guy a print out of my invitation and he shrugged his shoulders and again said "No free gifts"... if this guy cant even keep good on a simple promise I wouldnt trust him to keep good on anything! especially giving him 1500.0 for a 3 day training course.. I would not recommend going to any training for this company.

Shena   New York

3:35pm on August 28th, 2013 

To all those who have had their money stolen. Please do not bend over backwards and take it willingly. Fight for your refund and get your money back. File reports with the BBB, FTC or with your local AG. File a claim with the credit card company, so they know that Armando Montelongo and his fake seminars are a scam. Send them the rating his company received from the BBB. Write letters to the company demanding a refund. I attended the seminar and left after 15 minutes. I knew after 5 minutes of the speakers speech that this seminar and anything associated with this guy is a SCAM or FRAUD. I didn't lose any money but I don't want others to lose money either. So please complain, write letters do everything you can to get this guy and his con artists out of business.

Wouter Roos   New York

12:35pm on August 25th, 2013 

This is a scam through and through!! I attended his meetings in NYC. The day you attend the "free" introduction to this scam, they try to sell you other stuff that has nothing to do with Montelongo, i.e how to buy Tax liens, and this will set you back around $500. I bought this because I thought they would expand on it during the 3-day training... it was never mentioned again. Then when you go to the 3 day "training", for "only $1500", it becomes another sales pitch to buy their $25K bus ride. Watch out, on that day they will have solicited and deceived you into giving them the whole of your financial situation just so that they can find a way for you to afford the bus ride! If you simply cannot make a way to buy the trip, you are disregarded (on day 3) and the salesmen just focus on those than can afford it. Armando did not even show his face once... The guy who ran the show was a true "snakes-oil-salesman"!!
I didn't do the bus ride because the salesmen that came (on day 3) to close the deals couldn't answer some of my questions, and thats when I realized it was a SCAM!
I'm surprised that Armando is not in prison yet! Donald trump is now being sued for running a similar scam, I HOPE THIS GUY IS NEXT because you can sign me up in the lawsuit!!
BBB gave Armando a rating of "F"... that should say everything you need to know.

Darryl J   Location unknown

1:35am on July 24th, 2013 

You all are not being fair, or is this the same person bashing this man's business because you did not have the money. You knew that you were going to have to pay for valuable information. Besides, how in the hell is it a ripoff if you have a 90 day money back guarantee? So what that had your money for 90 days but you got it back. Again I have nothing to lose and if I don't like the program, I get my money back. Oh well. I am going to try it. Thanks for giving me the ups on what I need to bring. I know to bring my credit card or check book for to pay my $1500

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