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Don't Care About Their Reps

March 18, 2016

Been a long time contractor and they will let you go without any notice or resolutions - Just like that! - Don't give your life or your all to this piece of crap company because you are just a number and the supervisors don't give a shit about you! - Now, maybe if you kiss ass with the supervisor and send them gifts and tell them that they are the greatest, then you MIGHT get their attention

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Arise Under Government Investigation

April 7, 2015

There are over 50 pending lawsuits.
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Sumaiyah Beginnings

it working for me

November 5, 2013

i started working for arise client a couple of months ago although i went through the whole process a year ago i alsways quite the class due to fear of losing my other job and by this being something new to me this year those hour and the money i was making wasnt enough so i decided to jump back in with arise i hear people saying that they had to pay out but if you work at a job dont you have to pay out takes which is way more then these training course which are one times fee yes they charges a fee everythime you get paid but what is 19.95 comapred to 150.00 or the amount that you gross know matter where you work there is always going to be someone who find something wrong to be successful you have to put the neg stuff to rest then you need a honest IBO who cares i for one is my own boss i needed that control for me why because working for other people they always seemed to had the control made my shift determined how little or how much i work now i have that power so im going to say so far i love it i never mine paying the money out because i have gotten that money back when i received my first check iyf empoyers pay the axes of there employee that is how you are able to file your taxes remember that or stop complaining and go out and find a job that you have no control over i for one hate reading about neg stuff some of you havent evn completed the course or began to make money yet and i never had a problem with my computer i have a window 7 and it work just fine with my clients that i service so mayb you need to think about your computer and i for one read everything before i sign up so what do that tell you about you people who just get in to things without researching it first or are you made because you messed up now you want to blame someone else because that is what we do never say how we messed up but quick to blame someone else for our down fall what you should get out of this is read any and everything before you spend your money but myself i love it and have no complaints

November 11, 2013

Wow! Don't do reviews. That was very hard to understand. Very confusing. I don't know if I would work for this company if it costs you money to train and get paid.

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