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About Argosy University

Argosy University is a for-profit university that is probably best known for its well publicized online degree programs, but which also has campuses across the US.

Students seeking degrees at the Associate’s, Bachelor’s and even graduate levels can be accommodated at Argosy University, depending on the area of study. They offer degrees in various areas of business, education, health science, liberal arts, and social sciences.

Online students have 24/7 access to their online courses, as well as being able to take advantage of a live chat feature which gives students the ability to question instructors face to face when they have a problem.

In addition to their online programs, Argosy University has locations in 19 states across the US for students who would prefer to attend classes on campus.

Tuition at Argosy University is between $480 and $950 a credit hour, depending on the campus, the program, and the level of study, which graduate courses being the most expensive.

Some for-profit universities will be accredited in some areas but not in others. Students considering attending these universities should always check the accreditation status of their particular program before enrolling. 

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Argosy University Scam

April2, 2019

From the documentation I received about the Loan and grant information taken out in my name by the Argosy University Financial office, they received much more than I ever received from them in instruction. They were at best a scam looking for a place to happen.

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