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If you’re reading this article in the dead of summer, you’re probably wondering if there is any possible way - besides spending hundreds of extra dollars running your air conditioner or staying submerged in a kiddie pool at all times - to keep cool.

Arctic Hat claims to offer the perfect solution to your summertime blues. This evaporative cooling hat is an as-seen-on-tv product that can help keep you cool at all times.

What is Arctic Hat?

As the name might suggest, Arctic Hat is designed to keep your head about twenty-degrees cooler than the outside ambient temperature. Available in two versions - the Brimmed Arctic Hat and the regular hat - this hat claims to work using the process of evaporative cooling. The hat also has a UV barrier to reflect the rays of the sun.

This hat is lightweight and breathable, featuring unique ventilated panels that allow air to flow around your head. You can wear the Arctic sunscreen cooling hat anywhere you go and no matter what you do, including for doing yard work, lounging by the pool, or going for a hike.

The hat even has built in UV-resistant features. It claims to be 99% UV-resistant, reflecting back about 80% of the sun’s heat. No more scalp sunburns!

Made out of performance fabric, this hat is resistant to other elements of nature besides the sun, too, like rain, cold, and wind. The durable, breathable performance fabric give you instant relief from the elements, helping to keep you cool at all times.

How Does Arctic Hat Really Work?

This that works on the principle of cooling by evaporation. Essentially, the fabric used to create the ball cap has small pores that release water throughout the time you are wearing it to keep your head nice and chilled.

Made out of a unique blend of cotton, nylon, polyurethane, and aluminum, the materials of this fabric are designed to fight the ultraviolet rays of the sun. It has a built-in liner at the crown and forehead, which you activate following the process we’ll talk about in one moment.

This principle used to create the evaporative cooling hat is the same science you might have heard of behind why you sweat. When you sweat, your body is cooled. To use the Arctic Hat, you must first soak it in water and then wring out any excess. The heat from your surroundings makes the water evaporate in the Arctic Hat, resulting in the lowering of the temperate around your head.

The hat manufacturers argue that the air can only hold so much moisture, so this evaporative cooling process will work best in dry regions, like the desert. It might provide les cooling effect in humid areas, like the Gulf Coast.


You can purchase Arctic Hat with several different options. The brimmed hat or cap is available in one-size-fits-most sizing between 6 5/8 (XS, 53 cm) and 7 5/8 (XL, 61 cm). This costs $19.99 and includes free shipping - but keep in mind that you will be charged a $1 web service fee.

You can also purchase an additional hat for a $9.99 fee. You can upgrade to the deluxe model for an additional $10 per hat, which includes 25 percent more Silver Material Technology. This is believed to give you more long-lasting cooling and an upgrade evaporative liner. This hat is also double-stitched for extra durability.

This hat is not available in a life of colors or sizes - just a beige/sand color and a one-size-fits-most option.

Competitors and Alternatives

Arctic Hat is far from being the only cooling hat on the market - there are plenty of other products advertising these same benefits and features, such as cooling panels, one-size-fits-all designs, no-drip construction, and superior functionality.

One of Arctic Hat’s major competitors is Mission. This company produces two hats you should know about, both offered at a price that is slightly higher than that of the Arctic Hat (around $25 to $30. These hats have decent reviews and can be purchased on Amazon, which is a nice feature to consider. They also have UPF 50 sun protection and are available in multiple colors. However, while one is a bucket hat, the other is a cap, meaning you’ll have limited styles to choose from.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

Arctic Hat is still a new company, so it doesn’t have a ton of customer feedback or consumer reviews. While this hat utilizes technology that seems, on the surface, to be legitimate, you’ll have to try Arctic Hat for yourself to get a good idea of whether it could work for you. There are limited customer reviews, but most customers claim that it works quite well at reflecting the sun. It fits most head sizes and is great at keeping you cool!

Customer Service

This company is relatively easy to work with, offering a 60-day money back guarantee on all Arctic Hat orders. However, you will not be reimbursed for return shipping or for any fees associated with a BOGO offer.

Customer service can be reached at their phone number, which is (800) 88-7719, or by emailing [email protected]

Where to Buy?

You can purchase Arctic Hat form the official website, here. The ordering process can be a bit confusing, but there are several options given to you at checkout. For example, you can select a Buy 1 Get 1 Free Option. This double offer is available for any Arctic Hat purchase.

Because this product is an as-seen-on-tv product with multiple commercials, you can also find it at WalMart and on Amazon. However, it is offered at the same price, so it might be more convenient just to purchase directly from the manufacturer.

Wondering if Arctic Hat is sold in stores? In some places, yes! You can find it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and while it’s easier to find online, this product is reaching a limited market in some areas.

Is Arctic Hat Worth It?

If you’re looking for a hat that will help keep you cool in all weather conditions,  you might want to consider the Arctic Hat. While this product has received some complaints about how well it works in humid climates, it is a dynamic hat that will keep you feeling cool - and looking stylish! - in the vast majority of hot weather conditions.

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Product has changed for the worse in the last few months

July24, 2019

I purchased last year's version of the Arctic Hat at Walgreen's for a camping trip. That one has a higher and brighter reflectivity on it, and it absorbs water better. I purchased it because the two deluxe model 2019 hats I ordered directly, and had even paid extra for shipping, had not arrived yet. After returning from the trip, the two hats were waiting for me at the Post Office, and I immediately noticed the new hats were a darker grey color instead of the bright reflective surface of the older hat. The newer hats also do not hold water as well, nor are they as cool as the 2018 version, in spite of costing much more. I would not recommend!!! Be warned; enough said.....

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1 Review

Arctic Hat is an ass-hat Internet fraud

July14, 2019

I ordered two brimmed hats that advertised a two-fer deal at 29.99 and no shipping charge, I got a bill/receipt after giving my cc # and see the charge total at 100.96!
The receipt notes two "bonus fee" charges at 9.99 each!
How is this not fraud? This showed NOWHERE in the lead-up to putting my payment information in, and there is NO WAY I would pay $100 for a couple of hats!
This occurred yesterday, my order number is 28433211.
I can't get a hold of anyone to stop this order, and I could not reverse, cancel or anything at the pay page once the total was revealed.
***this message is copied for my cc fraud unit to work on, and I will dispute any charge

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