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About Arctic Fox Hair Color

Changing your hair color can help you transform not only your look, but also your mood. Unfortunately, many hair dyes contain harmful chemicals and are problematic as they fade, bleed, stain, or cost a bundle because they need to be applied by a professional.

Arctic Fox Hair wanted to create a solution that would help people get safe, semi-permanent hair dye that can be applied at home. Here’s what you need to know.

How Does It Work?

Because the products offered by Arctic Fox are formulated without drying alcohols or harsh chemicals, they are a good option for those who have suffered from hair dye allergy issues in the past. The many lines of Arctic Fox Hair Color Dye come in a variety of fun, bold colors like aquamarine, cosmic sunshine, sunset orange, and blue jean baby. They also sell bleach, coloring tools, dry shampoo, and hair masks.

The founder of Arctic Fox strives to help people get high-quality hair dye but is also committed to preventing the controversy of animal abuse that has long plagued the beauty industry. As such, all their products are cruelty-free and 15% of profits are donated to charities that prevent animal cruelty. 


By this point, you might be curious about if Arctic Fox really works well and how to use this DIY hair dye product.

When using a new brand of hair color, many people ask questions like “how long to leave on?” and “how long does it last?” The company includes instructions for use with every product – these instructions can also conveniently be found on their website. 

They claim that their hair dyes should be left in for at least half an hour and will last for 4-8 weeks for bleached hair and 2-6 weeks for unbleached hair. Their website and blog also include helpful information about what to do if your hair dye keeps bleeding (you should ensure that your hair has fully dried before sleeping), if the hair dye is not working or fades too quickly (you might need bleach or be using too much hot water during washes), or which of their products are best used for unbleached hair or for dark hair.

Arctic Fox is a great company that helps solve a common hair problem while also doing good in the world. Keep reading to discover if this company lives up to all the hype!

Cost and Price Plans

Arctic Fox sells their vibrant hair colors in a variety of shades including Phantom Green, Ritual, Purple Rain, Violet Dream, and more – each 4 oz container of hair dye costs $10.99 and each 8 oz container is priced at $16.99. Arctic Fox Bleach comes in at $19.99 while their dry shampoo and hair masks are priced at $16.99 and $17.99 respectively. They also have a line of accessories including bowls, brushes, clothing, and stickers – these range in price from $5.95-$45.00.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you are looking for safe hair dye products, you have several options besides Arctic Fox.

Manic Panic, for example, is a well-known brand that creates vegan, cruelty-free hair products including semi-permanent hair color and gel hair dye. They have accessible price points, with their Classic Hair Color products and Creamtones costing $13.99.  Manic Panic has earned mixed reviews from customers on sites like Amazon and Influenster. Many praise the company, claiming that they make “the best hair dye,” that is safe to use without “damaging or drying,” hair. Less satisfied customers, on the other hand, claim that Manic Panic products are “messy,” “[wash] out way too quickly,” and “fades so quickly.”

Another option to help you get the hair color you desire is oVertone. oVertone claims to have revolutionized the hair color industry by allowing customers to get the vibrant hair colors they seek in the form of a safe, nourishing pigmented conditioner rather than a hair dye. oVertone has many satisfied customers, with reviewers on their website raving about how they “love” oVertone and how their products “did what an expensive salon couldn’t achieve.”

Sites like Allure have also offered wide praise for oVertone, saying that their pigmented conditioners “worked like magic.” Unfortunately, not all customers are equally satisfied – almost 200 Trust Pilot reviewers give the brand only a 1.9/5-star rating and complain that the color “fades fast,” “was a big disappointment,” and created “an unholy mess.”

Finally, you might consider purchasing your hair color products from SPLAT, a company that aims to help people express themselves and their individuality through a variety of bold, rebellious hair colors. SPLAT sells temporary hair color, along with 10-wash color, semi-permanent color, and hair chalk. Their best sellers range from $5.00-$10.99 and they also sell a color remover to help you correct any mistakes for $15.24. SPLAT hair color kits earn good reviews on Amazon, with customers praising the products for being “the best color,” and “not fading.”

Customer Service

If you would like to reach out to Arctic Fox’s customer service team, you can send an e-mail to [email protected]

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

So, what are customers saying? Is Arctic Fox hair dye good or bad? According to most customer reviews, Arctic Fox is a good brand with quality products. Amazon customers give Arctic Fox’s Semi-Permanent Hair Dye a 4.4/5-star review and claim that the product is “amazing,” provides “great results,” and “made [their] hair shiny.” Influenster reviewers back up the positive feedback, saying things like “This stuff is great,” and “It was easy to use.”

You can also find praise for their products on their Facebook page where customers marvel at how safe and kid friendly the hair dyes are. Parents say things like “my son loves his blue hair…it fades so nicely,” “I do my daughter’s hair purple…she loves it,” and “My little girl loves her color!”

Where to Buy?

You can order Arctic Fox products through their website, Amazon, Sally Beauty, or Ulta Beauty.

Is It Worth It?

The company strives to help customers get beautiful, safe, and cruelty-free hair color products and they do an excellent job. We encourage you to follow in the footsteps of Arctic Fox’s many satisfied customers – when you shop with Arctic Fox, you can change your look, boost your confidence, and help support animal charities all at the same time!

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