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Nutriomo Labs Pte Ltd is a New York based company that produces various supplements and natural pain-relievers. It also promotes active lifestyle and is in constant search of the natural solutions to the most common health problems.

They have a vision of creating guidelines for healthier lifestyle. Therefore, they manufacture products in order to help you achieve your health goals with ease. They insist on proper nutrition and exercise. In addition, they believe that you should maintain your health from inside out.

One of their most recognized messages is that you should avoid using pharmaceutical products for your health problems. You should turn to the nature, instead. It offers powerful substances that come with no side-effects or as little as possible adverse effect on the rest of your body.

For those who are prepared to listen, they also offer literature with detailed descriptions on how to reboot your organism and start the healing process from inside out.

Their guidelines are based on the adequate nutrition, optimal level of exercise and natural ingredients that are used to relieve you of pain and help restore essential substances in your body.


One of the most intriguing products they offer is named Arctic Blast. It is a natural pain reliever that uses natural ingredients to help you feel better in the matter of seconds.

It comes in a glass bottle and is in a liquid form. It is used as a topical medication, directly on the painful area. It soothes the painful spot, has a nice cooling effect and takes away the pain in less than a minute.

With only one application, depending on the severity of your problem, you are able to live pain-free for days.

They also offer additional products that you can pair with your Artic Blast order. These are downloadable books that reveal various secrets on how to stay young and healthy as long as possible.

Through a special offer, you are able to order a Arctic Blast plus package. It includes the Artic Blast pain reliever, as well as three books – Anti-inflammation Diet, Feed Your Joints Back to Life and Longevity Secrets from the Healthiest 100-year Olds.

These books inform you about the nutritional benefits of various ingredients and advise about you what to eat and what to avoid if you wish to stay healthy.

They also help you deal with various inflammation processes naturally, without using medication. They reveal the secrets to how you can rebuild your cartilage when it starts to diminish and how to stay young and healthy, no matter how old you are.

How Does It Work?

Arctic Blast is a topical natural remedy that takes away pain in seconds. It is applied directly to the sore spot, cools it down and penetrates deep beneath your skin. It affects the inflammation directly in its source, penetrating muscles and joints.

It contains all-natural ingredients, such as menthol oil, camphor oil, emu oil, Aloe Vera gel and others. They all work together to make you feel better. However, there is one crucial ingredient that is the most responsible for such fast and effective relief.

It is DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide), which is known for its versatile properties. It fights inflammation, relieves pain and reduces swelling. It is also very powerful antioxidant that fights harmful chemicals in your body and gives you an instant relief.

It has a unique molecular structure that allows it to perforate your skin and reach the direct source of pain and inflammation under a minute. It is great for all kinds of pain, no matter the cause.

This includes twisting your ankle or some other sport related injury, pain in your neck, arms, joints etc.

Cost and Price Plans

The regular price of the Arctic Blast is $89.95 per bottle, but the company offers to reduce it by as much as $30.00 upon your initial purchase. One bottle will last you approximately one month.

If you wish to get a three-month supply, you can save up to $129.90 and get three bottles for the price of $139.95. For a six-month supply you will pay $199.95, which will save you as much as $339.75.

Not only that, all of the purchases come free of shipping and handling costs. In addition to that, if you are not satisfied with the products, the company offers a 365-day money-back guarantee.

The special offer includes free download of the following books: Anti-inflammation Diet, Feed Your Joints Back to Life and Longevity Secrets from the Healthiest 100-year Olds. You can get them for free within 24 hours from your Arctic Blast purchase.

If you wish to buy them separately, you will have to pay $37, $29 and $47 for them, respectively.

Online Reviews/Complaints

If you are wondering does it work? There are a lot of testimonies of many satisfied customers that finally managed to live pain-free after using all kinds of products that didn’t work for them.

This product is free of side-effects, approved by the FDA and very easy to use. On the other hand, it is only sold online, and you cannot purchase it in stores.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you are willing to go natural, consider some other remedies as well. The most commonly used natural pain relievers, beside Arctic Blast, include Native Organics’ Acheangel, Bovy’s Natigon and Ultimaxx’s Levare.

Where to Buy?

If you wish to place a purchase, follow this link, which will lead you directly to the promo page.


If you are injured, or you are dealing with a chronic pain, the chances are you have tried various pharmaceutical solutions. Some of them work, some of them don’t, but all of them leave traces of harmful chemicals in your body. This can produce many side-effects and give you stomach ache, allergies and other.

Instead of using synthetic chemicals, try using a natural remedy. Arctic Blast is 100% natural and free of adverse effects on your body. It contains revolutionary substance, named DMSO that gives instant relief and battles the inflammation in the matter of seconds.

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