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Heartbreaking Scam
June 2, 2022

I listed my home on Zillow.com on 30May22 for $1700. The next day, my property and the pictures that my wife took for the Zillow advertisement appeared on apartmentlist.com for $1000 with a bogus California contact number...not my number.

Obviously, this was done without my consent, knowledge, or any form of contact. Since then, I have had 5 people show up at my home on 1June22 with proof that they had paid a security deposit and 1st month's rent despite the fact that the property had already been rented by me and had been removed from Zillow and the affiliated apartments.com. One young lady is currently sitting across the street in her car, sobbing. For many of these people, this was the bulk or all of their savings.

The fact that this website obviously did not perform any due diligence checks as to the actual property owner (which is quite simple to find online) is reprehensible. Be extremely careful sending financial information, paying application fees, etc. on this website without researching whether or not it is a scam. Especially in these times where everyone's money is stretched thin and many of us are getting increasingly desperate, I find it unimaginable that a business like this can continue to actively scam or condone outright theft over a ten year period.

The BBB reviews of apartmentlist.com should speak for themselves, yet they continue to be accredited by BBB with an A+ rating.

Waste of time if you just want to browse
January 22, 2022
Waste of time if you want to check out the list of potential apartments. I was looking for an alternative to AirBnB for my year+ trip across the US but this site asks tons of questions including your income and wants to setup an account for you before you can even check if you are interested. I don't appreciate when some one is wasting my time

No good
June 8, 2020
They ask a lot of personal info including salary, say they will send you an email to ign in with, but never do. You cannot see the website without filling in this info, you cannot log in without the email. Waste of time, could be dangerous giving all this info without response. Don't fall for it.

September 10, 2019
You go through the options to look at apartments and at the end it will make you fill out information and give you the option to text a link or email. You never get the email or text and are never able to see your results. its a scam so don't fall for it. GARBAGE!

August 14, 2019

As a real estate agent, I logged into this site to help my clients find an apartment. However, before I referred them to this site, I tested to see how well it performed.

Afterwards, I tried to delete my profile but you have to send them a request. Calling them was worthless, since no one answers the phone.

The phone message instruct you to send them a message, which I have done. No results.

Now daily I receive emails from the apartment buildings I inquired about.