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The Ankle Genie is an As Seen On TV product that is currently available online at and which claims to help people "energize their feet and ankles" and promote good foot health.

According to their website, many people have health conditions that result in swollen ankles and leg or foot pain, or jobs which require them to stand on their feet for long periods of time which can result in swelling and inflammation.

Ankle Genie says that their product can give customers the support they need to relieve this swelling, inflammation, and pain throughout your lower leg, ankle, and foot.

Unlike newer, trendier products like Tommie Copper which claim to rely on special ingredients to relive pain and inflammation, the Ankle Genie is a traditional type of compression sock that is regularly prescribed by doctors within the medical community.

Compression stockings and socks fit tightly to "compress" your extremities in order to mimic the function of the muscles in your legs. The compression is similar to the muscle contraction which occurs to regulate and increase blood flow through the veins, which helps reduce pain and inflammation.

But, unlike standard compression socks which can be a struggle to put on, the Ankle Genie says that it has a built in zipper and adjustable Velcro closure, which allows their customers to take it on and off easily, as well to better adjust it the size you need.

In addition, it is designed so that it can be worn over socks and in shoes, boots, and a variety of other traditional shoes or footwear so that it can easily be worn while you play sports, travel, work, or otherwise.

Customers who are interested in ordering this product can purchase the Ankle Genie from their website for $12.99 plus $6.99 Shipping and Handling, and can choose to get a second Ankle Genie for just another Shipping and Handling fee.

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