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About Anki Flashcards

Anki Flashcards is a software that promises to help people learn in a way that is far more efficient than traditional studying and promises to help you learn more, in less time, and completely for free.  

Their website says that their system can easily be used to learn a language, study for exams, memorize names and faces, brush up on geography, learn musical chords, and much more. 

How Does It Work?

Since this is a free service, customers simply need to download the software onto their computer in order to get started. The responsibility to create the "flashcard deck" is on you, as you are the best person to know where you are starting and what specific goals you are trying to reach.

They do offer something called the AnkiWeb, which hosts pre-made course and lesson decks that users can download for free if they don't wish to make their own. AnkiWeb also lets you synchronize your decks across all your mobile platforms you'll always have access to them.  


Cost/Price Plans

Downloading Anki and creating your own flashcards is completely free. In addition, users who wish to access AnkiWeb to download flashcards made by other community members may do that as well for free, though this may change in the future. 

Mobile Options

Anki Flashcards has applications that work on Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, Linux and more operating platforms right now. 

Refund Policy

As Anki Flashcards does not currently charge any fees for taking their courses or for downloading their apps, there is not a need for Refund Policies at this time, though if they do create paid accounts in the future, this may change as well.

Customer Service Contact Info

As of right now there are only two ways of contacting their Customer Service, by traditional mail at 33 Wadeson Street, London, E2 9DR, and [email protected] There is no published phone number right now. 


In general Anki Flashcards seems to have a really great reputation, with many satisfied users as well as technology magazines and companies giving them positive reviews for their services and their features.  

Is It Safe?

There does not seem to be any complaints regarding safety at this time.

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many different online learning programs out there, especially those that claim to help you learn a foreign language, such as Memrise and others.

If you have experience with Anki Flashcards , please leave your reviews below.

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2 ‘Anki Flashcards ’ Reviews
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Terrible application.
April 12, 2021
Terrible application. Difficult to use and much more complicated than it needs to be by limiting the number of cards you can review per day, etc. Spent thirty minutes just trying to review the flashcards that I had input but the program would not let me. Stick with paper. More useful, user friendly, and you can do what you want when you want.

I tried it
March 15, 2018
Anyway, but still I came courses and was less satisfied, in principle. Considering that my English language is rather weak compared to German, getting acquainted with the language together with these courses was not easy. But thanksI wasn't acquited of this resourse, but