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About Animal Jam

Animal Jam, found online at, is an online virtual playground for children who love animals and the outdoors created by the National Geographic Society to help foster those relationships.

According to their website, the goal of Animal Jam is to provide a safe environment that is also fun and engaging where kids can play online, while being inspired to explore and protect the natural world outside.

How Does It Work?

Kids can sign up as members completely for free, create an animal character of their own choosing with a custom name and begin participating in the virtual outdoor world. Registration does require a parent's email address for confirmation, information, and consent purposes. There are more benefits for members that sign up for paid subscriptions, if that is something you are interested in.

Cost/Price Plans

There are three different potential membership plans available for those customers who would like to upgrade from the basic free membership. The Month to Month membership plan costs $5.95, the six month membership costs $29.95, and the yearly plan costs $57.95. 


Refund Policy

Customers that choose an upgraded paid subscription have seven days from the date of purchase to evaluate their membership and to request a refund of their fees if they choose to cancel within this initial 7 days. Customers can cancel their memberships at any point after the initial 7 days as well, but they will not be eligible for a refund.

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact their Customer Service team with questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone, at 888-340-7313, by email at [email protected], or by submitting them directly to their website.


Animal Jam generally has positive reviews from parents and other users, though some parents have complained that they do not personally agree with the use of indoor video games as a way of stimulating a child's love of nature.

Is It Safe?

National Geographic promises that they have gone out of their way to ensure that this is a safe environment for children, and that parents should feel confident about their child's safety while participating in their gaming community. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

Of course there are many different online providers of interactive games, for both adults and children, though not many have the same objective as Animal Jam. 
If you have any experience with this company or their products, please leave your Animal Jam reviews below.

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3 ‘Animal Jam ’ Reviews
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Don’t waste your time or money
December 29, 2020

My nine-year-old stumbled upon this game and easily became obsessed. The game itself is cute but the customer service aspect is absolutely horrible.

We received an email stating that our account has been compromised due to a data breach. It compromised my email, password and credit card information. On a personal aspect it cost a lot of headache as the hacker easily gained access into my email account along with my social media accounts.

The next issue comes from when the hacker gained access to my daughters animal jam account. They were able to get in and trade her valuable or rare items and once I contacted Animal Jam they gave me the “sorry” email.

After asking them to help me get the account secured and locked down again I continue to be ignored for three days on the third day my daughter went to login and found that her account had been permanently deleted either by Animal Jam themselves or the hacker.

All of her hard earned allowance in our monthly membership fees gone in an instant with no care or regard from Animal Jam. In fact even after messaging them and opening multiple tickets, messaging them on Instagram, Facebook, and even making comments they have continue to ignore her request and do not care about The lost money that my daughter has incurred.

As you can imagine as a parent to a nine-year-old who’s worked up a years worth of work in a game and allowance was devastated to know that everything was gone in a second.

Saw a child predator an Animal Jam
February 25, 2016

Bad experience with National Geographic’s Animal Jam! Please share! CHILD PREDATORS using the CHILDREN'S GAME!!!

Sunday night our daughter told us that she started playing an online social media children’s game at school last year. The game is called Animal Jam and is owned by National Geographic. Players (meaning children, keep reading….) have animal personalities. They can text each other and go into PRIVATE ANIMAL DENS FOR PRIVATE CONVERSATIONS. Needless to say we were very upset that our child could be interacting with strangers on this game, which has 50 million users. We did not know about the game because a 9 year old at her school set up my daughter’s account, using her personal email as the parental address, and my daughter did not have access to the game at home. The email sent for PARENTAL APPROVAL and restrictions on the game was APPROVED BY A CHILD. Great parental controls, right?

I created an account as an 8 year old boy to show my daughter the danger of this game in the absence of parental guidance. Once we entered the game we saw about 20 other animals (this means strangers!!). One was named “Outdoor Plumbing”, which is a phallic reference. That is an ADULT with a PHALLIC REFERENCE for a player name on a children’s game trying to TALK TO CHILDREN. I saw a child predator within one minute of entering the game. We logged off because my point had been made very quickly, and I cancelled my new account.

I contacted the game’s help center and eventually a customer service representative called. Since I did’t have the email address of the child who set up my daughter's account, I cannot access the parent portal for the game. Animal Jam informed me that the only way to get access to my child’s account to see what she has been exposed to was to BUY A GAME MEMBERSHIP. Yes, they wanted me to pay money to be sure that my child had not been having conversations with child predators. They didn't offer any other routes to prove my identity as my daughter's mother.

I’m sure some aspects of the game are not bad with very strict parent supervision, but Google “Animal Jam child predator”. Start reading reviews from parents and older children. Our SCHOOL SYSTEM has been WONDERFULLY RESPONSIVE about this. School system IT personnel spent hours going through the hard drive of the computer my daughter uses this year. Once personnel saw reviews of Animal Jam they blocked it from all schools in the state. The parents of the other child have tried to help us access her account, but so far we've had no luck.

Please be careful of this game. Obvious child predator within one minute on the game…..Animal Jam wanted money for me to access her account without trying any other routes to prove identity….

Ramona W November 06, 2017

Everyone needs to watch out!

National geographic has been scamming people's money with animal jam

Tons of people has bought the toys and membership cards and they go to redeem them and the code was invalid, they have been ripping people off and I advise you, if you bought a membership online with you're credit card, cancel it, my best friend for 6 years had this problem. She bought a 12 month membership with her moms card. When it had expired, they redeemed it automatically without permission and by itself. I also had this problem. I bought the lynx animal jam gift toy. It came with the light up ring, it was a gift from my teacher, it was pretty expensive also. I went home so happy to redeem it and it said it was invalid. Father called them to tell them his complaint about it, they asked for the receipt and the toy. And he saw right away, they were trying to scam MORE MONEY. I advise you're children to not play this and cancel their memberships and never buy anything of their's again. I hope you parents do the right thing instead of you're money getting scammed.

Ver E. Safe
December 25, 2015
I started playing Animal Jam a year ago, and it's really fun-all the cute Adventure, den and clothing items-but, they always give top priority to the members. The members are snotty sometimes and say rude things to other jammers. We nonmembers are hurt, and we report them. However, we receive no reply to our complaints. Some members use the hurting advantage to put off people they don't like. Perhaps Animal Jam should lower off the membership program. Really, they're doing that to make money.