Animal Behavior College Reviews

The Animal Behavior College is an educational organization which offers potential students the highest quality training in order to become a dog trainer, dog groomer, or vet assistant.

How Does It Work?

According to, this school was founded by a previous president of the Animal Behavior and Training Associates, or ABTA, to fulfill a need for highly trained animal trainers and specialists.

While helping nationwide pet store PetCo to create a dog training program that would be consistent across the country, ABTA created an exam which measured trainers' knowledge and effectiveness. Almost 70% of trainers and specialists who took the exam at that time failed.

This proved a need for a well regulated, detailed educational process that would both standardize and increase professional animal workers' knowledge and skills, and so the Animal Behavior College was created with programs for dog trainers, dog groomers, and vet assistants. 

Cost & Price Plans

The costs of their courses depend on which area of study you choose to pursue, but all three courses fall into the price range of around $3,000 to just over $5,000.

These prices include the classes themselves, as well as all materials and a hands on externship with a Mentor Trainer.  

Refund Policy

This website does not reference any potential Refund Policy, though most educational programs have a time period in which you can cancel your registration and receive a refund of any funds you have paid until that time.      

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to speak to their Customer Service team about their questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 800-795-3294, through their Live Chat feature, or by submitting them directly to their website.  


Though this school appears to be well liked and respected, there are some complaints regarding their vet assistant program.

Unfortunately, this program is only intended to give you the experience you need leading up to a certified vet tech program - it is not a replacement for a traditional program.  

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many other programs that offer training for people interested in becoming dog groomers and trainers, but people interested in alternatives would do best to look for schools and programs in their local area.  
If you have any experience with Animal Behavior College or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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Animal Behavior College Customer Reviews

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Please don't waste your money-Study with a professional groomer
September 10, 2022

Save your money! Learn from an excellent groomer who you could pay to learn from.

The online school isn't a way to learn. You are taught so much "old school" basics that you cannot really learn from a book. You can buy videos or books on line. Your certificate means nothing. The state doesn't need you to have certificate.

They put me with a groomer that their shop was so terrible and they really had no interest teaching you they just want you to groom their dogs that they earn money on and they have you wash them, brush, them dry them and you learn hardly anything.

Their staff makes up stories about your abilities. They say you didn't do well on an interview you never went on. There is a lack of caring, lack of integrity there and I would suggest you save your money. It's so silly to pay for their book training etc.

Find a good groomer learn from them then you will have a career, and their staff are not helpful at all and don't care about their students.

Hope this helps you, the money for your book training is unbelievable. It is like a factory line-get experienced high integrity groomers to study with. I wish I had done that, this was a waste of time and very disappointing coming out with not a confident skill.

Don't give them your phone number!
August 3, 2022
I gave them my phone number because it was required to gain information about the program. I decided I wasn't interested, but they have since called me every weekday for almost three months. I've reached out to them repeatedly and on different platforms asking to stop the calls. I've been told twice that the calls would stop, and I continue to get calls. Do NOT give these people your phone number unless you want to be called every single day.

Treated poorly and lack of communication
July 13, 2022

I left a review on BBB website but in short there was very poor communication. I was almost failed for late homework when I turned everyone in on time. That got resolved but then it took forever to be placed in an externship. When I finally was my mentor didn't teach me anything other then telling me to bath/dry dogs for 75 hours of my 150 hours.

When I stood up for myself they ghosted me and the school. I was then placed at a new place when they told me my hours would be reset to 0. This new salon had the same story. I was placed at a third place that doesn't ever seem to have dogs for me to groom. I keep getting told one thing but then told something else. It's been over a year now and I'm still not done.

I feel very mistreated and taken advantage of. I learned more watching YouTube and doing grooming on my own then through this school's outdated book Info. Also I was asked in the very beginning if right handed shears would be okay. I'm left handed but I figured since they were asking they must not be that different so I said that okay if you think it will be okay. I mean I use right handed kitchen scissors with no issues.

Once I actually had to use the shears... I realized how different it was but I couldn't get a refund or exchange on them. The woman from the school was even rude about it and said you are welcome to go buy your own pair. I would NOT recommend this school to anyone.

If you want to learn grooming go somewhere else. This has been a waste of time and money.

August 28, 2015
I liked this school, really nice

DebbieCashman June 01, 2022

how did you get an externship?