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About AndCollar

If you have ever shopped for professional clothing, you may have noticed that it is often expensive and uncomfortable. Ben Perkins, the founder of AndCollar, has made it his mission to create comfortable apparel that not only looks good, but is also affordable.

Plus, &Collar, also known as Andcollar, products are made from sustainable and recycled materials, so you know that your purchase is good for the environment!

How Does It Work?

&Collar sells items like dress shirts, pants, shoes, socks, and ties (here’s a helpful hint – if you sign up for the &Collar e-newsletter, you can get a free tie!) If you have any questions about shirt care, washing instructions, or sizing, you can find the answers on their website.

You won’t, however, be able to find out if &Collar products are right for you just by checking out their website -for that, you should keep reading because the below information will tell you everything you need to know about &Collar before making a purchase!

Cost and Price Plans

The founder of &Collar set out to make high-quality apparel that would not break the bank. Below is a sampling of some of their product pricing to help you get an idea of cost:

Their solid-colored, sustainable, recycled shirts cost $35.00, while their patterned shirts are priced between $40.00-$65.00. &Collar sells their ties for $15.00.

Their socks are priced at $7.00 per pair. &Collar sells their dress shoes for $75.00 per pair.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you are on the hunt for sustainable men’s clothing, there are several brands besides &Collar that you should check out.

For example, the Swiss company Carpasus makes high-quality shirts for men from natural materials like organic cotton. They claim that their products are sustainable and created in partnership with only those who engage in fair labor practices.

Carpasus’s price point is significantly higher than that of &Collar, with their shirts selling in the range of 159-169 Swiss Francs, which comes to about $186.00-$196.00.

Carpasus dress shirts have earned great reviews from customers, with reviewers who have dropped by their Facebook page saying things like “Super great shirts with attention to detail,” “Nice to look at, very comfortable to wear, and a great story,” “We are thrilled with the shirt and never thought it would have such a good fit,” “Naturally nice fabric and well-fitted shirt,” and “Top quality and no guilty conscience.”

You might also consider shopping for sustainable clothing from Everlane, a company that puts both quality and transparency at its center. Everlane works with ethical factories worldwide to create high-quality, sustainable clothes for both men and women. Their men’s t-shirts are priced in the $18.00-$42.00 range, while their sweaters cost $49.00-$130.00 and their shirts & polos range in price from $38.00-$78.00.

Everlane earns mixed reviews from various sources across the internet. Influenster reviewers offer high praise for the company, saying things like “I love the quality of the clothes,” “the jeans are the best jeans I’ve ever worn in my life,” and “All of their products are high-quality, simple, and chic.” Unfortunately, Site Jabber reviewers give Everlane low ratings and offer much criticism, most of it focusing on customer service issues. They say things like “The refund/return process is HORRIBLE,” “Ridiculous wait times, “and “Worst customer service.”

A final option for sustainable, ethical clothing is the popular company Patagonia. They strive to create the best, most durable clothing, outdoor gear, and accessories for men, women, and kids in ways that are good for the planet. Patagonia sells men’s shirts in a variety of different patterns, styles, and colors for $45.00-$129.00. They can boast positive reviews from sites like Influenster.

Satisfied customers offer great praise for Patagonia, saying “They make wonderful products that are so high-quality and hold up under a ton of stress and use,” “They are an amazing company that makes long-lasting clothing,” “The quality of Patagonia is unmatched,” and “They are comfortable, last forever, and look amazing.’

Customer Service

For customer support, you can reach &Collar at their phone number : 801.232.7072 or contact them via e-mail at [email protected]& &Collar offers customers free returns and exchanges and provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can find detailed information about their return policy process on their website.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

While we could not find tons of &Collar reviews,  the ones we could find are positive. We suspect that one reason for the lack of reviews may be that AndCollar is a relatively new company as it has a 2020 copyright on the webpage.

Satisfied customers have dropped by &Collar’s Facebook page to praise the company, saying things like “These really are the best dress shirts ever,” “My husband…loves them, says they’re extremely comfortable and feels like his workout clothes,” “They are worth the money spent on them,” “Great shirts, easy to take care of, stretchy material, so smooth, soft, and cool,” “This shirt is well-fitted, the stretch helps it stay tucked even when moving around,” “Literally the most comfortable dress shirt hat I’ve ever owned,” “Doesn’t wrinkle at all,” and “I am amazed at these shirts.”

Where to Buy?

You can order their products through their website or visit the website to discover retailers near you that carry &Collar products. &Collar is currently sold in stores like Mr. Mac, Called to Surf, Circle of Love, and Blissful Occasions.

Is It Worth It?

Ben Perkins created his company, &Collar, to help men get comfortable items like dress shirts, pants, shoes, and more at affordable prices. Their products are designed to be stylish, durable, and good for the environment.

While AndCollar is a relatively new company and therefore does not have a ton of satisfied customers just yet, we are confident that their sustainable practices and reasonable prices will soon catch the eye of ethically minded, price-conscious consumers like you.

We recommend that you take advantage of being one of the first to learn about this amazing company and make a purchase today.


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