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People are often curious about their heritage and where they came from. Most likely, no one in their family had saved records nor handed down any documents from prior generations. Individuals sparked by this curiosity can now use to conduct extensive research in hopes to find information on their ancestors. By using this site, one can begin to make connections, based on their findings, and start to form a family tree.

On there are many search options available for members to use, with more information you are likely to get better results. Within the search criteria you can input names, birth dates, county of residences as well as other general information. In addition to the basic search, you can perform an advanced search. An advance search is conducted using different databases on the site. Databases include census and voter lists, marriage records, military records, immigration records, court records and even newspapers.

The cost for a basic subscription to is $155.00/year, $68.00 for 3 months, or $20.00 for one month. There is a free 14 day trial to try out the site before moving forward to a paid plan option. The basic membership only enables you to access records within the U.S.

There is another membership option if you wish to seek information available through other countries; this membership is called “World Deluxe”. The price of this subscription costs $300.00/year, $112.00 for three months or $30.00 for one month.

The opinions posted online by members were split down the middle, between those who had positive experiences and those with negative comments. The convenience and the overall experience of were seen by most users as a very helpful resource. Before the internet, past records, documents and newspapers could only be viewed on a microfilm or throughout various government record locations. So, ultimately, this meant you had to travel to a number of places only to hope you would stumble upon solid information or clues to follow.

Members who posted on the negative side to this site’s services pertained to the cost of the subscription. Users had complained that not only was it expensive for a basic membership, but the cost for the “World Deluxe” plan was outrageous. While conducting searches, members were prompted for extra payments when there was information that they would find intriguing. One other negative finding, among its members, was the errors and false positives that came through their populated results.

If the cost of a subscription to is too expensive then you may be able to access this site or one that is similar at a public library. Another idea, members posted through online reviews, was to split the membership cost with someone else and designate times each user would have access to it because no more than one person may be logged into one account at any given time.

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