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About AminoPrime

AminoPrime is a new nutritional supplement available to people who are looking for ways not just to lose weight but who are interested in extreme muscle building in short periods of time.

Body building generally has to occur over long time periods due to the muscle building process. Simply speaking, in order to build new muscle your body will experience tears in your existing muscle, the repair process of which results in new, larger, and more defined muscle tissue.

Because of this, traditionally speaking it has always been necessary to give your body time to rest during strength training so these necessary muscle tears don’t turn into injuries.

There are many supplements available on the market today, like Sytropin and SeroVital, which claim to have ingredients which will help people’s bodies increase the ability to build muscle. But AminoPrime says that their supplement has an ingredient unique to their product.

Their supplement ingredients include something they call Anabolic Performance Enzyme Technology (APET), which gets your body to build muscle and burn calories fast, up to 25% more calories all day long.

According to, normally your body can only break down 10-20% of ingested protein, but this supplement will help you assimilate 100% of protein supplements, and protein is a necessary element in the muscle repair process.

Customers who are wondering “Does it work?” and are interested in trying out AminoPrime on their own can do so for a price of just $4.95 Shipping and Handling, which will get you a 14 day trial period to use this product and decide if you like it.

Users who do not cancel their trial will automatically be enrolled in a monthly autoship program and be charged $79.97 per month for each new 30 day supply that is shipped to them. Customers who are unhappy may cancel at any time; if you hope to avoid any charges you must call customer service during your trial period to cancel and receive return instructions.

If you have any experience with this supplement, please your AminoPrime customer reviews below.

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Robert Kohlberg

Company is a Ripoff

October26, 2013

This company is a ripoff and the free sample is a scam. After the free sample is sent they continue to charge you for more and more of the product.

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Mel Sole
October 31, 2013

This is a HUGE SCAM! After ordering the free trial (understanding that I had a 21 day period) I called in 2 days before the expirey date to ask, if I reordered what would my charge be? I was told $39.97 and I could cancel anytime. So I went ahead and reordered. A few days later I received and invoice for $79.97 for my trial period because I did not cancel. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!!!

This compant could have had my business for months to come at the $39.97 price. Not only have they lost my business but I will make it my personal vendetta to tell every person I know to stay away from these slimeballs.

Lee Shelton
November 16, 2013

Scam, same as abone people, told me I have a 21 day trial- but on the phone changed it to 14, demanded my money back, wouldnt let me be talk to supervisor, not to mention the trial began the day I ordered not the day you get it.

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