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About is a loan matching service which offers to provide their customers with up to four different home loan quotes which they can compare and then choose the best one for their needs.

According to other similar service providers, loan matching services can be extremely useful to consumers who are looking for many different kinds of loans, from auto to personal to home loans, because it allows them to provide their information one time and receive multiple different quotes which they can directly compare. specializes in helping people who are looking for a mortgage loan, whether it is a refinancing loan or a new home purchase. To begin, you just need to let them know what specific type of loan you are looking for.

Other information they will need from you includes a description of the type of property - such as whether it is a condo or single family home - the estimated home value, and the zip code of the home in question.

They will also need a basic understanding of your financial situation, including an estimate of your current credit score, whether you have had a foreclosure or bankruptcy in the past three years, and whether you can verify your income.

Finally, they will also need to know the specific circumstances of the new loan you are seeking, including the mortgage interest and balance, whether you are looking for a fixed or adjustable loan, and whether you are planning on a second loan.

Once you finish submitting this information, you must give them all of your contact information, knowing that providing this information will give their financial lending partners to contact you via email, telephone, and text message, even if you are on the Federal Do Not Call registry.

Customers who find a loan quote they like may choose to accept it. Afterward, all further financial dealings will be with that lender, and no longer with Also, customers are never obligated to accept any loan offers they are not comfortable with.

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Total Scam

September 5, 2015

For five years I've tried all those government programs and they do not benefit the average American. I'm sure they have a few dozen people they have helped over the years just to validate this program, but I've talked with them, and they referred me back to my lender, you know, the one that scammed me. That is the government's plan. You have no chance of getting a modification unless you are a very lucky person. All those fines the banks had to pay the states typically in California went back into the General fund and homeowners that were used to get these fines were never helped. The state keeps the money, the banks keep committing fraud and the cycle continues. Good Luck.

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Amerivalue failure

February 17, 2015

I tried several times on their website to get through the menus and couldn't. Then I left an email on their contact site and the email was kicked back. No way to contact them by phone. I think it is a scam.

June 24, 2015

All these are scams, they still need the bank to approve the loan and they have all kinds of hoops that they make you jump through, no guarantees no matter how good your credit is, The government did not write a law that makes the bank give you the loan if you qualify,

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