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July 29, 2016

One of your AmeriPlan employee's tried to sell me insurance. LOLLOL, her 3 children are on Medicare. If the insurance is so good. why isn't her family on it. Such a joke.

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December 14, 2015

A lot of people get thrown off by the whole MLM structure of this business and that you have to PAY to work from home. First off, you are only required to pay $20/year. That $20/year gives you three websites, IT and Admin support and its TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Being an IBO means just are an Independent Business get paid by the amount of work YOU put into YOUR business. AmeriPlan just gives you the product to sell. How you sell it, how you market it, etc is entirely up to you. Most of the negativity I see posted on forums such as this about AmeriPlan are from people who tried it and failed miserably because they expected to just sit at home doing nothing and get a paycheck in the mail. There are PLENTY of WAH jobs out there that don't require you to pay but you will only be getting paid roughly $9/hour IF THAT where as with AmeriPlan you can easily make over $1000 a week if you work hard. I think a lot of people want to just work from home and expect it to be so easy to sleep in and then sit on there computers for a couple of hours to get a paycheck..NO..if it were that easy, EVERYONE WOULD DO IT. If you don't have the $20/year to start your own business, or the drive to succeed, then you have a lot more to worry about then trying to decide whether or not you want to join AmeriPlan. I also want to add that not all MLM companies are scams. Chances are your electricity company is an MLM, I know here in Texas MLM electric companies are popping up everywhere because that's the only way small companies can advertise and compete with the monopolies. I will be happy to answer ANY questions anyone has about me at [email protected]

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October 12, 2015

I've seen some really positive interviews about Ameriplan and I've seen negative. I personally don't understand the negative reviews because I, myself have been extremely successful with Ameriplan. One question people ask is "Is there a start up fee" YES, there is a VERY small startup fee, under $100.00 but you are not paying to WORK, this is a home business. Then you have to pay like $25.00 per month and you have the complete support of there corporate office, which is so inexpensive plus discount benefits for up to 20 people under your roof, related or not.
If you have to pay a start up fee to "work" that's a red flag. But the ability to be an a part of an incredible organization with an A+ BBB rating has changed my life. It is the ONLY work at home business that I have found to be legitimate. Ameriplan has been awesome for myself and family. I've been able to sustain a full time income PLUS residual income. It takes a little time because it's not a "get rich quick scheme" but within 1 year I was doing great.
If you're looking for a REAL work at home opportunity with a great company, training and support, check it out. Hope this helps!!

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June 22, 2014

I received a phone call from a company rep., I asked two or three questions. Where they found my resume, as I am a recent college(university grad)does monster ring a bell.

Question: salary or type of revenue scale, information provided: Comission, thats a joke, what do these reps think, student loans and daily living is not a concern for the Capitalism they practice these is only direct exploitation>>>

That is the truth as to what far to scheme company such as this one , are about the upper levels of management line their pockets, at the expense of far to many other reps., that do not receive proper compensation. Hmmm, sound fimilar, the big wigs and government leadership, that sold this countries industrial base out for only their own profit.

Answer: No thank You Ameriplan

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May 27, 2014

I first felt this might be something I want to do until I got the phone call from Kelly. I asked a few questions about how much it would cost me and how the system works and how I would make money and she directed me to a phone number 7605691331 and if I'm interested after I listen to the call then call her back> I don't think I want to be with this company after all!! Good Luck out there!!!

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December 6, 2013

I would like to know what happens when you go a hospital, what ki8nd of discount would there be?
and is there a deductible?

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October 13, 2013

I was a broker for a few years. I made it to the level of ESD. I had a 4 figure monthly income. Like Troy (comment posted Oct 28, 2011), they took my income away. They actually kicked out about 900 IBO's.

Please do your research before you get started.

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October 6, 2013

I joined with Ameriplan and got a slow start due to my full time job. However, I've had nothing but a great experience with all the tools and training, and now that I've really applied myself, I'm making good money too! In response to Brian... all the way at the top, the employer SHOULD pay the employee, you are absolutely right. And we do get paid... every penny, no taxes. We get a 1099 as business owners. But we also get a benefits package that is very good, and THAT is what we pay for, just like a normal employee at a normal 9 to 5 would. And just like that normal company, with us it's just a deduction, and it's based off your own needs and the needs of your family. Don't forget, Ameriplan is not a charity, they are a business, and they want to make money. They aren't in business just to make others successful, they make others successful SO THAT they will be as well.

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September 27, 2013

I currently work with Ameriplan and enjoy the use of their benefits. I have saved over $4,000 with their plan. I save money and make money. win win to me!

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Katie C

July 1, 2013

One comment I see over and over is that the company demands a lot of money from it's IBO's to sign up and continue working with the company. This simply isn't true.

I was personally burned by a "Mary Kay" experience, and was very reluctant when a friend came to me about AmeriPlan. It is true, there is a $20 ANNUAL fee for the web services, which includes your marketing sites, training, and connection to individuals in the company. That is very low fee to pay once a year for a business with an earning potential of $500-$1000 a WEEK. Because our business is based in internet marketing, these materials are essential tools.

It is also true that the company has an overhead fee of $50 a month- but what that money covers is your personal benefit plan you receive as an IBO. The benefit plan you receive is the same as that of a member that signs up for the same fee, $50 a month. They do this so that you can start receiving medical savings, so that you can better inform others of our services through personal experience.

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June 25, 2013

I signed up with Ameriplan the other day. After reviewing all of the options, within a few hours I decided to opt out.
After I contacted their Texas office, I received a communication saying that my subscription was cancelled.
However, they have taken 19.95 out of my checking account when I told them specifically to cancel.
The next step is to put a stop payment on the transaction tomorrow and contact my Attorney's General office and file a complaint for negligence.
Please be advised, that this is not the only "work-at-home" site that is misleading. Just be careful as I will from now on.
If you want to work at home, my suggestion is to start your own little enterprise and forget the rest of these on-line deals.......

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June 8, 2013

I responded to an online “job posting” and received a very slick automated reply. However, it went into some detail about the company's products and business model, which is generally not the case with other 'work at home' schemes I've looked into. I replied with a few questions, and received a prompt response which answered all my questions completely and without deceit. Here's what I learned:

Recruits are obliged to buy a $20 annual subscription to online company support. You are also required to cough up a monthly fee which will dictate the commissions received on member recruitment and product sales. That fee STARTS at $50/month.

While I applaud them for being straightforward and transparent, an employer should pay the employee – not the other way around. The other way around is about as sketchy as it gets. If you jump into this and get burned, it's your own fault.

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Brian Kotowski

June 7, 2013

I replied to a "job posting" on an online job board. Submitted an inquiry and received a very slick automated reply. I was nonetheless somewhat impressed with the level of detail provided about their products and business model, which is not generally the case with the other work from home schemes I've investigated. The email also included the name & contact info for the person trying to recruit me.

I emailed a reply with a number of questions. I received a prompt reply in which all my questions were answered - honestly and directly with no attempt to deceive. I turned them down because of their mandatory fees: a $20 annual subscription to online company support (which I could probably have lived with) and a monthly charge which determines the recruit's commission structure. That fee STARTS at $50/month.

While I applaud them for being so straightforward, anyone I work for needs to pay ME - not the other way around. The other way around seems sketchy to me.

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Miranda S

May 8, 2013

As a person working for this company, I can honestly say that we're not as bad as some people like to say we are, and like every other company, we're not flawless. All we can do is offer our services, and it's perfectly okay if what we're offering doesn't appeal to you or help you.

As far as the no "cold calling" thing, we only call people who have expressed an interest in the company, whether it's for signing up for an insurance benefits program, or signing up as an IBO. We don't decide to randomly punch numbers into our phones and hope someone picks up so we can throw information at them. They come to us first and we just tell them about the company and let them decide if they'd like to take part.

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March 5, 2013

I was in contact with someone who works for this company. Lets just call her A.J. She was very rude when I told her that I found a company that you don't need to pay them to work for them. I do think this company is a scam. She had a lot of comments to say when I told her I do not want to get any more emails from her or anyone who works for this company. She still continued to be rude and contact me.

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February 28, 2013

I have been getting these email's from Ameriplan for over two years now and sometimes they call me. I am very skeptical about investing money into something that doesn't have proof of dollars earned from start to experienced. I keep reading all of these post and not once does any of the people who post that work for Ameriplan, indicate how much money they are really making and how long it took to get there. For most people, especially in today's economy, making $200 a month to put out $150 isn't realistic. Spending money to make money is of course how business operate, but how long until you get a good return, and if you aren't supposed to quit your full time job (which most people can't because they would go bankrupt) how are you to devote 9 hours a day into marketing for this company to or selling it's product without becoming completely burnt out. To those of you that actually work for Ameriplan, lets not beat around the bush!! Give some real explanations on how your making your money and how much your making and the amount of time it took to get there. Not just praise the company...

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February 9, 2013

I have SO many questions, I am not sure where to begin? Can someone please (of course briefly) explain how this works? As far as the employees, how long have you been with the company and are you happy with the opportunity and how is it working for you. I am somewhat confused and.

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SM Harmon

January 14, 2013

Hi Kay, I'm sorry you had an awkward experience with your conversation with Janie. She is an awesome person/speaker. She is the leader of our team. She has been very instrumental in a number peoples success within the company.

I've been with the team a little over 3 months now. My background is managing Credit and Collections departments. I can honestly tell you that in all my years of working in a corporate environment, I haven't felt like more part of a team than I do now with Ameriplan.

Try not to feel apprehensive about this opportunity, research the company and find out for yourself how great it is. Be excited!!

To the person who said it was a pyramid scheme, please do your research. This is no different then Mary Kay, Avon, or Amway, except we don't sell lotions or potions, we offer a service that people need.

To the person who stated that they made six figures and the company cut you off. If you read your handbook, you would not have done something unethical, which would have resulted in your association with the company being terminated.

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January 8, 2013

1.) This is a Multi-Level Marketing scheme. Strike one.
2.) You pay an initial fee plus a monthly fee for the "privilege" of working for them. Strike two.
3.) You put more effort into recruiting new reps than in selling the product, because that's where most of the money is. Strike three.

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Joe Williams

November 7, 2012

question:The website says "no cold calling" sooooo....Who actually does the selling?

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