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About American Financing

American Financing deals with financing families and individuals, enabling them to get their dream homes. By providing mortgages, they offer families a chance to own a home or properties.

They have different loan programs offering you with a wide selection of financial options to choose from. This allows you to pick the best program that will enable you to achieve your goals. Their team of experts is well experienced with the industry knowledge on how to get the right loan options based on your needs.

With their hassle-free process, you can receive a customized loan fast and at low-interest rates.


Different packages related to home loans and refinancing are available. Some of the top services include.


Cash Out Refinance

This is an option for homeowners with equity in their home that need money. The equity can be converted into cash and enable you to settle other bills. To be eligible for cash-out refinance, you need to be using the loan to improve your home for a home value upgrade, pay off debts such as student loans or credit card debt, get funds for a second home or pay for college tuition.

Cash out refinance is quite beneficial due to instant access to cash, low rates compared to credit cards and you can also receive 80% of your home equity.


Buying a New Home

Families that are just starting out or couples who are looking for a new home can make use of the buying a home package. This offers them a chance to select their neighborhoods, house style, and size based on their preferences.

Buying a new home enables you to earn equity and thus save money. Mortgage payments are mostly lower than rental rates, which is an advantage for you.

Before buying a new home, however, you need to consider your purchase budget, overall maintenance costs, down payment and property taxes.

Experts at American Financing will help you find the right deal to enable your family gets a new home.

Buying a Second Home

Some homeowners who already have a home might want to buy a second home.  American Financing has them covered as well. They have a wide range of investment properties and vacation homes in various locations. This provides you with a property that ensures an extra income from renting.

However, two mortgage payments can be tricky and careful considerations should be taken. Check the down payment, Debt-to-income (DTI) and the insurance policy in place to get it right. American Financing saves you the trouble of paying an application fee like most lenders when you buy a second home.

Home mortgage

Different loan options are in place depending on the loan that you want.

15-Year Mortgage

The 15-year mortgage gives you a 15-year payment term with lower rates, lower interest, and money in long-term savings. The reduced payoff term helps you pay fast and builds your equity. This is good for those looking for a way to own a home free and pay half of the estimated duration. You can also access your money and make half as many mortgage payments. This is beneficial for customers with a stable income enough to pay the monthly payments.

Mortgage Credit Care

Anyone looking to either refinance an existing mortgage or buy a new home can opt to go for the mortgage credit care. This package is good for those who are keen about their credit score since it doesn’t require you to have a high score to qualify. However, other details such as payment of bills, income vs. debt and employment history are considered before you are approved.

How Does It Work?

The entire process is simple and you can pre-qualify in as less as 10 minutes after beginning the process and close in 10 days. First, apply on their portal by selecting whether you want a refinance or want to make a purchase and then complete your profile. Further details will be submitted to you on how to proceed with the process.

Cost and Price Plans

Every package has its own cost. Once you have established which kind of service you want, you will be given assigned a mortgage consultant to assist you.

Customer Service

Send them a message through their Contact Us page or via email at [email protected] In case of immediate assistance, call their toll free line (800) 910-4055. You can also visit their Corporate Headquarters, 3045 South Parker Rd., Suite 100, Aurora, CO 80014 or call through (303) 695-7000 to schedule an appointment with one of their agents.

Online Reviews/Complaints

American Financing prides itself in offering the best rates and services to its customers. This is evident from the A+ rating by BBB accreditation following the company’s wonderful relationship with the public. The company has scooped 100% good reviews with evidence of bad reviews being close to none.

Happy customers appreciated their easy loan process and regular updates related to their loans. Their fast services enabled most customers to get their dream homes fast. A number of new customers who were trying out their services were pleased and happy to recommend others to the company.

Their professional customer service made the experience even more memorable for their customers. Recognized as courteous and kind, they make a follow up of their customers, ensuring that their needs are met and questions answered.

Competitors and Alternatives

Other financial companies that offer customers the same rate of services include Nmb Home, American Mortgage Banking, and Mortgage Bank America. All three have similar mortgage and loan products for people looking into home ownership and properties.

Where to Buy?

You can receive loans, home mortgages and other packages that American Financing offers through their website at


The reviews made with regard to American Financing are a clear indication of the level of professionalism and customer service that they have. It goes without saying that their services are top notch.

Customers can comfortably tell them what they need and be assured that they will be offered solutions that will be satisfying. Get in touch with the phenomenal team and experience first-hand a solution to funding for your dream home stress-free.

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