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About American Disability Network

The American Disability Network, located at, is a service which claims to be able to give information and assistance to people who may have a disability claim.

They refer to themselves as an attorney and advocate service, available nationwide, which helps disabled Americans get information as well as the assistance they may need to file any necessary paperwork.

According to their website, they have helped over 350,000 people get disability benefits from the Social Security Administration, which is the government agency that provides benefits to retirees, disabled persons, and those surviving a death in the family.

To sign up for your free consultation, you must first explain the state in which the incident occurred, as well as the city. Then provide them with your first and last name, date of birth, address, phone number and best time to reach you, your email address, and the health condition which is preventing you from working.

The American Disability Network promises that your information will be kept secure and confidential. Your information will be taken and matched with either a disability advocate or attorney in your area; the website says that your information will not be shared beyond this.

The advocate or attorney will call you to get the specifics of your case and let you know quickly whether or not you may have a chance at receiving benefits. The website says initial disability claims take between 3 and 12 months to evaluate.

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This is a scam - they disconnected when I started asking questions

December26, 2018

12/26/2018 - my notes from call to them after they came up on internet search for disability...

Va Disability Inquiring call

Richard american disability network - answering service - prequalification process. Trf me to a licensed agent (?)

Travis - licensed agent - independent - ALL OF A SUDDEN HE KICKED ME FROM CONFERENCE when I started asking questions about fees they charge. He said was 25% of back pay I receive. When I asked if I went strait through government would there be fees. He hesitated and said no. That’s when all of a sudden he hung up on me! Definitely a scam to pray on those who can’t ask questions or defend themselves on getting ripped off. If they realize you’re intelligent or savvy enough to do research - they know they are BUSTED and hang up.

????? Fraud scam???

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Ambulance chasers - stay away !!

February23, 2015

My wife was applying for disability benefits on the SSA website, when somehow a pop-up redirected her to these guys, with instructions to enter information on a form, which she did, believing she was still at the SSA. A few days later we received legal documents in the mail, claiming we had entered into a verbal agreement to use their service, any benefits paid by SSA would go directly to them, they keep one-third as their fee, and instructions that we MUST IMMEDIATELY sign all highlighted areas and return the documents to them.
We destroyed the documents, and called them to cancel any relationship with their company. They launched into a hard-sell process about how important they were to successfully navigating the SSA process, etc. etc. We declined, and subsequently received multiple follow ups; including phone calls urging us to use their service, and mailings of documents with highlighted areas for us to sign and return. We finally contacted SSA about their practice, and the harassment seems to have stopped.
My impression is they are a group of lawyers and/or para-legals with low ethical standards, who have created a system to intercept visitors to SSA, and they prey on the unsuspecting public in order to capture benefits intended for the disabled and redirect it to their own pockets.

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Ken G.


January6, 2013

I received a spam that the company paid to have sent to me.

I despise spammers.

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September 12, 2018

Do they ask for SSN? I gave it to them and now Im worried.

July 19, 2019

Me too! Theare not even attorneys!!!

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