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About Amazon Local

Amazon Local, found online at, is a new daily deals site powered by Amazon which says they offer discounted deals from local and national retailers starting at 50% off.

Daily deals sites have grown in popularity and quickly multiplied every since the founding of in 2008. But while Groupon began by offering only one deal each day which was honored if a minimum number of buyers chose to purchase the deal, Amazon Local works a little differently.

First, they offer multiple deals from both local and national retailers each day, and many deals have different offerings people can take advantage of. For example, you can purchase a deal as a single offering, for couples, or for groups at a variety of discounts depending on what the merchant is willing to offer.

They also impose no sale minimum on the deal for it to be honored by the retailer and they display no expiration date for the deal, though it is understood that these deals will change frequently.

Finally, with every deal being offered by Amazon Local you are shown up front the exact percentage of discount that you are getting by purchasing this service through this website as opposed to from the merchant directly.

People who already have accounts can sign into Amazon Local with their existing account and purchase deals with their existing credit card, billing, and shipping information.

However, once you purchase a deal through Amazon Local, any future questions, concerns, complaints, or issues that you have with the goods or service you receive must be addressed with the merchant themselves and no longer with Amazon Local, unless the problem you are having is with the redeeming or authenticity of a voucher.

And people who use an Amazon Rewards Visa may be able to earn additional rewards points when they use this specific credit card to purchase any Amazon Local deals.

If you have any experience with this service, please leave your Amazon Local reviews below.

2 ‘Amazon Local’ Reviews
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Reviewed By Annette Lega on March 2, 2015, Atlanta, Georgia

love to shop on Amazon its a great easy way to shop. lots of good deals and with amazon Prime 2 Day shipping. Paid $99 Dollar but its already out. Buy everyday deals with codes. So for me its great free shipping. my Name grazypasta

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1 Review

1st Choice Home Service Out of Business?

Reviewed By Richard Ziegler on November 26, 2014, Richmond, Virginia

I paid $99 September 3, 2014 for a window cleaning voucher in Richmond, VA. I called in October to schedule the service and was told they were not scheduling in my area for another 2 weeks. I then called two more times in November each time being placed into voice mail with no return call.

When I went to the 1st Choice website, a live chat box appeared and I left a message. I got a response that live chat was not working.

I have emailed the CEO and am awaiting a response. However, I can't wait any longer since the Voucher expires December 2, 2014. As a result, I am pursuing all remedies under law. rz

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