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About Alpha Male Tribe is the online home of Alpha Male Tribe, a blog which claims that their goal is to build a "community of alpha males" based on performance in areas like health, finance, and dating.

The Alpha Male Tribe blog and Facbook page attempts to collect a variety of information on products and topics for the purposes of helping men discover their inner "alpha male." 

Traditionally the term "alpha" means the man or woman with the highest rank in a given situation; the phrase "alpha male" is usually used to describe the man with the most to offer, and when used in relation to animals has meant the male of the group with the best opportunity to mate.

Alpha Male Tribe calls themselves the "#1 destination" for finding the best information on topics they consider relevant to alpha males, including Health, Wealth, Women, Networking, Lifestyle, Sports, and a general Forum.

Getting access to these articles is completely free and requires no membership or need to create an account. In addition, while Alpha Male Tribe does admit to collecting your information as you use the site, they promise to never sell your information to an outside third party.

It is important to note, however, that the Alpha Male Tribe blog also acts as an affiliate marketing website. An affiliate site is a website that includes links to certain products and services inside their articles.

Whenever someone clicks a link on their website and is taken to a third party partner and makes a purchase, Alpha Male Tribe will earn a commission on the sale. 

Affiliate marketing is a controversial topic, with many people maintaining that because someone has a chance to earn money when they make a recommendation that the recommendation should not be trusted.

However, each affiliate website has complete control over how what third party companies they partner with, and it's not unheard of for an affiliate website to have high standards for the companies they partner with.

The bottom line is that it is up to you to do personal research on any product or service you are considering buying to make sure that you feel comfortable with it. 

If you have any experience with this website, please leave your Alpha Male Tribe reviews below.

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Alpha Male Tribe is not a scam

June11, 2014

I simply love it. The content they share is very useful and applicable to life. 5 stars. In regards to products, I personally believe it´s necessary to maintain the page, however I don´t think they will risk their reputation advertising snake oil. Also according to what I have seen, these are products related to living a healthy life and that´s really important.

As usual is up to you how to use this information, so I invite you to check the website yourself!!

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