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About Alpha Male Labs Maximum Male

Alpha Male Labs started out as a one-man venture to change his own life for the better. Jim Bard was a middle-aged man of deteriorating health about five years ago.

He was overweight, depressed, his memory was worsening, his sex drive disappointing and he could not sleep well at all. His first trial to improve the quality of his life was starting on testosterone therapy, which caused him to face a life-threatening heart attack as a result.

Realizing that there isn’t a cheat sheet to improving the condition your body is in, he set out to find a natural and safe way of helping his body produce and use the testosterone needed for an active and fulfilled life.

After a long and detailed research, he came up with a solution: he found out that the levels of another hormone had to be improved – the testosterone’s twin hormone called estradiol.

He made a list of ten ingredients which he had to include into his diet in order to boost his naturally-produced testosterone and estradiol levels.

After the results of his own therapy were obvious and people started calling him to ask for the formula, he decided to team up with a number of chemists and health experts to produce a pill.

This is how Alpha Male Labs and Maximum Male were born.


Alpha Male Labs Maximum Male is a pill that contains all the necessary elements for a man’s body to naturally produce the right amount of testosterone and estradiol.

As a result, he will be able to keep the strength and stamina of a man as if he was a twenty-something-year-old throughout his whole life. The ten ingredients used all have great effects when used individually.

However, when blended together in the right proportion, they have an amazing and life-changing impact. Some of them have just narrow specific influence, while others have multiple effects.

But together, they improve testosterone and estradiol levels in 20 to 1 ratio. This results to enhanced sexual performance, longer-lasting erections, higher scores in sexual libido, increased muscle mass, lowered body fat levels and more.

This is a formula that quickly brings about improved changes in your overall physical state, memory, mood and sleep. Generally, you will get a better quality of life, which Jim Bard tried out on himself first.

However, this product is not only made for those men who want to regain their vigor, but also for those who want to maintain it. Even men in their mid-20s can safely use it and see the benefits of it.

It is a scientifically-based and widely-renowned high-quality product that should help a man lead a good and happy life.

How Does It Work?

The majority of problems linked to low testosterone levels are actually the consequence of an extreme drop in estradiol amounts. Maximum Male works on restoring the natural levels of these hormones and the balance between them.

This mainly herbal supplement achieves this by helping the body produce healthy levels of its own natural hormones. As a result, eliminating any side effects and dangers which come with the usage of artificial sources of testosterone.

The newly-restored hormonal balance enables the body to deliver the blood to all the areas, including the brain, muscles and penile area. This improves your cognitive, physical and sexual abilities. It only takes two pills a day to achieve this level of fitness.

Cost and Price Plans

One bottle of this formula is available for $69, while the order of a package of three or six bottles will provide you with a discount. Three of them would cost you $177 ($59 each) and a six-bottle pack would be $294 ($49 per bottle).

Customer Service

Jim Bard and his team are fully confident that their formula works amazingly. This is why they’ve set up a 180-day 100% money-back guarantee.

This means that, if within six months you realize Maximum Male didn’t work for you, you are able to call their customer support center and request a refund.

If you have any questions regarding the product, order, or you just want to request a refund, you are able to reach their team on the phone number 855-291-0522 or via email at [email protected]

They also have a contact page, where you are able to message them directly from the website.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Since Maximum Male has been around for quite some time now, there is a number of reviews for it. Majority of them speak positively of its quality, scientific background, effectiveness and the speed at which the results show.

Customers also love the fact that there are no known side effects associated with its usage. On the other hand, some dissatisfaction has been expressed regarding the fact that it still hasn’t been backed by the FDA.

Additionally, some of the users would prefer it if it could be found in retail and if it was available for users under 18.

Competitors and Alternatives

It is clear that one of the major effects Maximum Male has is eliminating erectile dysfunction from your life. When it comes to this aspect, there are some alternatives on the market you could choose as well.

There’s TEKMale™ Male Enhancement, but it costs insignificantly more than Alpha Male Labs’ product. On the other hand, Male Extra™ Natural Male Enhancement Supplements and VirectinTM are more or less within Maximum Male’s price range.

All of them contain some of the ingredients Maximum Male does and those are the elements which help increase the levels of testosterone.

However, all the other components are narrowly linked to bedroom performance and improving sex drive, while no other life quality aspect is mentioned, as opposed to Alpha Male Labs’ formula.

Where to Buy?

This product can’t be found on local stores racks; it is only available online at


Aging in men is usually linked with decreased energy in all spheres of life, which is usually blamed on decreasing testosterone levels in the organism.

Aiming at helping with a number of issues, not only bedroom-related ones, Alpha Male Labs has released a pill which targets all signs of aging in men. This includes brain fog, exhaustion, bad mood, erectile dysfunction, increased weight and the like.

Many positive reviews, a six-month money-back guarantee as well as the absence of side effects are some of the reasons why we recommend the Maximum Male.

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