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Alpha BRAIN is a nutritional supplement available from Onnit, who claims that they have worked hard to create this "fully balanced nootropic" which will help your mind reach its "true potential."

A "nootropic" supplement is one that claims to alter the availability of the brain's nuerotransmitters, enzymes, and hormones by improving the brain's oxygen supply or stimulating its nerve growth. 

How Does It Work?

The website says that this supplement contains ingredients and nutrients which help your body "turn up" acetylcholine levels and elevates neurological components that they describe as "vital" to remaining calm, focused, and mentally driven.

Cost/Price Plans

Alpha BRAIN costs $34.95 for a 30 ct supply, $59.41 for a two pack of their 30 ct bottles, and $79.95 for a 90 ct jar. Onnit also allows you to choose whether or not you would like to make a one time purchase or if you would like to set up automatic purchases in specific increments of time.  


Ingredients and Side Effects

This supplement has a long list of ingredients, but the website especially emphasizes something they call AC-11 Rainforest Super Herb. The "cat's claw" plant from the rainforest is thought to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immune boosting properties. 

Onnit uses a hot water extraction process on cat's claw to create their AC-11 extract, which they say has been shown in clinical studies to repair DNA and eliminate mental fog. 

Refund Policy

Unfortunately the Onnit website does not detail any particular refund, return, or guarantee policy on their website. Customers who are concerned about this should contact Customer Service in advance of making a purchase to see what their options are in case they are dissatisfied with this product. 

Customer Service Contact Info

You can contact their Customer Service team by phone at 855-ONNIT99 or by traditional mail at 4401 Freidrich Ln. Suite 302, Austin, TX 78744.


Alpha BRAIN has mixed user reviews, with many vocal customers saying how much of a positive difference it has made in their lives, and others saying that they didn't feel any changes. Some of the satisfied customers did make the point that with these types of cognitive enhancing supplements, the longer you take them, the more effective they are - this may be something that new customers should consider before purchasing. 

Is It Safe?

There does not seem to be any complaints regarding safety at this time.

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many different products available in supplement form and otherwise that claim to help people improve brain function, especially as they age, including Procera AVH and more. 

If you have experience with Alpha BRAIN or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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