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Stay away from Allurez. Buying from them feels like a scam.
May 4, 2021

I am very disappointed by Allurez. They took a long time to complete my order, not caring about their 10-14 days policy at all (which by the way it's already a ridiculous amount of time). Then, when I told them the ring was not useful to me anymore, they told me I could not return it, since it is custom made. What in the heck is not custom made in Allurez?

When I bought that ring in their website, it only allowed me do so by selecting different features such as size, the color of the gold, the stone, etc. Their return policy is therefore a scam. But it didn't stop there, I told them I wouldn't even be in the country by the time they were supposed to finish the ring. I email many people in their staff and even talked to someone on the phone. They said they would send the ring to my location abroad, which after all that happened, it could have made things a little better.

To my surprise they just didn't care and send the ring to my address in the US the same day I was supposed to take my flight (which they knew). So, I had to lose my flight in order to receive the ring, and get another flight the next day at a very expensive rate. At that point it's like they were just playing with me. Allurez staff are either highly incompetent or purposely evil.

Either way the result is the same. I am never buying from Allurez again and I recommend you do the same. Trust me, you will regret buying from them.

October 27, 2020

DO NOT BUY FROM ALLUREZ. Aside from being over priced, Allurez is committing fraud by not actually selling the carat sizes listed on their website. But multiple earrings that were supposed to be 1.8 carat in gemstone weight, not TCW which includes accent stones. Took them to my jeweler who said at best, carat weight was slightly over 1.0 carats!!!

Upset that I actually had to give them a single star rating in order for me to leave my review. The should have NO STARS. Buyers be ware, this company does not honor their return policy! I had to file disputes with my credit card company in order to force Allurez to pay out my refunds. They hang up on you and take weeks to respond to your emails, all in an attempt to void their 30 day return policy!


There are several other online companies that offer far better value and actual customer service. Take the time and spend just a few minutes to shop around, you’ll be thankful that you did. Heed my advice!

Beautiful Neclace from Allurez
December 6, 2019

I received the Infinity Rope Pendant Necklace Sterling Silver and I have to say it is gorgeous and very well made, it can be worn as a 16 or 18 inch with a secured ring clasp. This charming Polished Infinity Rope Chain Pendant Necklace is showcased by a sterling silver infinity symbol designed with the look of a rope chain. Representing eternity and boundless love, the necklace makes the perfect finishing touch to a casual or work outfit, The pendant necklace is available in other metals. You cannot beat Allurez products and their prices, I highly recommend Allurez

Ruined Christmas
January 9, 2019

I was searching for a setting that included emeralds in the design and was excited when I found the right one with Allurez. This was going to be a 20 year anniversary present for my wife and I was going to surprise her with it on Christmas. The website stated that i would receive my ring with in 5 to 10 business days, so I placed my order for style NG-1587 on November 30th. This was a BIG MISTAKE.

I received a confirmation email and noticed the size was wrong and immediately contacted Allurez. They were helpful and assured me the ring would be coming soon. In a few days received an email asking what size the diamond(family stone) was to be put in the setting so the jeweler could put the proper prongs in the setting. We exchanged emails and I felt confident everything was moving smoothly. This was ANOTHER BIG MISTAKE.

A few weeks went by with no update about the ring and I contacted Allurez. The representatives guaranteed me delivery the week before Christmas so I would have time to have my diamond set before the Christmas event. Well that didn't happen. I called Allurez again and they promised delivery December 22nd. That didn't happen either. I called but they didn't answer and I finally got in touch with a rep on the 24th. They stated there was a problem with the ring and I would get it AFTER CHRISTMAS!

I finally received the ring on December 28th and to my surprise two of thew Emeralds were broken. One had a chip and one had a crack. AT this point I took it to a local jeweler I had set up to set the stone and had him inspect the ring. He immediately saw the cracked stones and told me they had set the wrong prongs for a cushion cut. With no time or patients to deal with the incompetence of Allurez, I paid him $457 to fix the horrible job they did.

I contacted Allurez again to ask for a partial refund due to the terrible quality of the setting and my experience. I explained that I didn't want a full refund, just $300 to cover the broken stone and prong replacement. The representative stated she would get back to me she felt bad about my experience. That was the last I have heard from Allurez. I do not recommend that you purchase from this company because they ruined my plans.....DONT LET THEM RUIN YOURS!

Sent a Defective Item, Now Out $900
December 13, 2018

I received a defective engagement ring. My ring was clearly pitted in multiple places, and slightly discolored on one side. It was not at all as described on the website, there is a whole cage underneath the ring that does not show in the pictures of it, as well. I was planning to propose with this ring, but now needed to return it to be able to purchase a new ring in time for my proposal. (The proposal was set for a few days later, I set it after I had confirmation of when the ring would be arriving).

After sending pictures and talking to a customer service rep several times, they said that they couldn't tell if it was damaged. I would need to return it for inspection and they would repair it, IF they decided it was warranted. I am extremely unhappy with this purchase. I was sent a defective item, and I was treated in a rude manner by customer service who did not make any efforts to rectify my particular situation. I repeatedly explained that I had only saved so much money for an engagement ring, and this one was unusable because it was defective and I needed to purchase one in time.

What should be a joyful experience has turned into a nightmare that is going to leave me in debt after carefully saving for months for this purchase. I just want a refund for a defective item.

Allurez are scam
December 2, 2018
We ordered my engagement ring and wedding band. Allirez sent a terrible quality cracked stone instead of the one that was advertised and didn’t want to return the money. In addition to that engagement ring is made so poorly that sharp stones are sticking in the side and scratching my finger. Avoid at all cost. They refused to refund the money and have been promising to fix it for half a year! We got married in the meantime, with a different ring of course and of great quality. Allurez is just a scam.

March 24, 2018

I live in Canada, and I ordered a loose diamond from Allurez for the amount of $28,567 CAD. I was invoiced in Canadian dollars and so I sent the payment in Canadian dollars via a wire transfer. The details aren't important as to why, but I ended up cancelling the order before they had even mailed the diamond to me. This is where all hell broke loose.

I canceled the order on Friday, March 17th. I was told via email I should expect the money back in my account in "a couple of business days". I called the following Tuesday just to make sure everything was good to go since it is a pretty large sum of money. They informed me I would be receiving a cheque in the mail. I told them I was told it would be sent back to me, the woman said we need the wire information to do that. I asked why I wasn't told this when I initially canceled, she said she didn't know. I provided her all the information required on that same day. The following Monday (6 days later) I called my bank since the money wasn't appearing in my account yet and they said they did indeed receive the funds. It worked out to $27,047.68 CAD. I was shocked that $1519.32 was missing form the amount.

I called Allurez to ask what happened to my money. They explained to me that they sent back the exact amount in US funds that they received from me. Meaning they expected me (as the customer) to cover the spread of the conversion rate. I explained that I was invoiced in CAD and had sent CAD and so I expected to receive back my money in CAD - the exact amount I had sent. After speaking to a regular customer service person I said I wanted to speak to a manager to get this resolved.

A woman by the name of * was put on the phone. She was rude, unhelpful, and completely unsympathetic. I explained to her that because I was invoiced in CAD and sent CAD I expected the money back - the full amount. All she offered was to send a screen shot of the transfer as proof she sent back the full amount they received. I once again explained to her I was invoiced and paid in CAD. She told me she was "sure her customer service rep would have told me to send US funds because they are well trained". I explained that I was never told that. She told me she would bet her life on it. I told her I would bet her $1520 CAD if she went back and listened to the recordings of the call they would show I was never told that. And if I was wrong she could keep the money but if I was write she had to send me back the rest of the money. She did not take my bet. Through this whole ordeal she did not express one iota of sympathy for my situation. It is pretty jarring to just have $1520 go missing, and for her not to care at all just compounded my frustration.

I posted an online review and the CEO of the company promptly called me to ask me to take the review down as he said he would handle the situation. Well - he emailed me back two days later with no solution whatsoever. So now I guess I am expected to eat this $1520 cost for something I never even had in my possession.

I would never recommend anyone shop at Allurez. They are SCAMMERS.

Edit: Allurez has tried to claim to the Better Business Bureau that I was not a real customer to get rid of my complaint. I provided the necessary documents proving I was indeed a customer and I did indeed lose $1,519.68 in doing business with Allurez. They have also attempted to get my reviews removed from more than one review site again saying I wasn't a real customer.

Edit 2: They again tried to have my reviews removed saying I identified an employee by name. I have edited out the employees name.

*Personal information redacted by admin

Update to above mentioned order
July 1, 2016


Allurez just shipped my order. Thanks all!

I won't shop in Allurez at all again
July 1, 2016
I'd like to share my experience about recent order that I made with Allurez. On Sunday June 26th, I placed an online order for $4722 and I called in on Monday June 27th to receive the order by Saturday, July 2nd. The customer service informed me that they will get it to me before Saturday. I called on Friday July 1st and the item was not shipped at all and they are asking for more days. I asked them to cancel the order and they said I can't cancel the order at that time. I'm traveling abroad on Wednesday for marriage proposal and I won't get it neither a replacement because of their fake promises. My order# was 26279. My vote is to avoid under any circumstances even if you will buy something at higher price but for better customer service. Right now, I'm looking online and seeing much better prices and exact quality for what I ordered.