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October 5, 2020


October5, 2020

I work for this sorry company and it is NOTHING BUT A SCAM!!!!! They buy phone lists and call people on the phone to ask if they want a quote. If you hang up they call back. They DO NOT TAKE NO for a answer. They basically force you to say yes I want a quote so you can get them to stop calling. They sell your info to 8 to 10 other companies that are all trying to sell you insurance.

What that means is if you fill it out online or accept a call back you have now unleashed 8 to 10 different companies that start calling you immediately and I have been told by consumers that they got 50 or more calls in less than 30 minutes. I have been on a call while other companies and even our own company has called them while talking to me. All Web Leads owns this site as well as many others. When we call you we say we are from Insurance Quotes.

They never tell you who we really are. I am tired of misleading people. I am looking for another job because of this. These people don't care about you or the employees. Always read the privacy policy and information about a insurance website. If it says it's owned by All Web Leads or AWL DON'T DO IT IT IS A SCAM!!!!!!!

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