AliExpress, located at and run by AliBaba, is a website established in 2010 for global buyers who are interested in purchasing wholesale products directly from the Chinese wholesalers that produce them.

According to their website, says that there are currently over 2 billion internet users, over 70% of whom have purchased a product online from a Chinese manufacturer.

With over 100,000 Chinese wholesalers available to online buyers today, offers more than 9.5 million products from more than 4,000 categories, like automotive, fashion, computers and electronics, weddings and events, and more. claims to cut out the middle man and instead give you access to all these wholesalers and products in one place, along with a wide variety of buyer protection policies.

First, they use an Escrow payment system. holds your payment until you are able to confirm satisfactory delivery of the product, and only then will they release it to the seller.

They also mark certain sellers as Assurance Plus Sellers. These sellers promise Speedy Processing, where goods are shipped within 48 hours. These sellers also provide a Description Warranty, and if the item you receive is not as it was described in the warranty, you can request a refund.

Some of these sellers also have Free Return policies, where if you are dissatisfied with the product, you can open a dispute claim within 15 days of delivers, and you can get free return shipping. also has a site wide policy which states that if you do not receive your product within 60 days, that you can receive a full refund of your product price. The site hopes that these policies make safe for all your online purchases.

If you have any experience with this site, please leave your reviews below.

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AliExpress customer service deteriorating fast!

August 20, 2019

I used to love AliExpress (AE) BUT the standard has dropped tremendously. It has deteriorated of late: AE no longer protects buyers - unlike its 2 key competitors. Its "24/7 Customer Service" has not worked for days now! Just shows how much they care about their customers. In my current dispute, AE asked, received from me and accepted my (video - which took AGES to load - dodgy software!) evidence - but then came back a day later to ask for additional photos - which CANNOT show the problem (non functioning date change in a watch). All the while the unscrupulous seller (which closed his shop only to open another on AE) has not responded - and AE doesn't seem to care. AE seems so intent on protecting its (often) dishonest sellers-of-crap whilst making it very difficult for buyers to get the protection it so volubly promises! Going down the tubes - heads-up Jack Ma!!!

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I've had no problems with Aliexpress

April 19, 2017

I buy a lot of small cheap stuff with free shipping to South Africa. It takes forever to arrive (1-2 months) but, free shipping! Ali only releases the money to the seller once you confirm delivery. You can request extending buyer protection or dispute the order and get your money back. The seller does the shipping so you never know. Test the seller by buying something cheap before you buy expensive items and remember to extend buyer protection. Sometimes I forget to extend, but then I lose very little if it doesn't get here. Also, large and/or expensive stuff will probably end up at customs.

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It worked once

July 4, 2014

I used this site once to buy two products. It took a while to arrive in the UK but it eventually did. You must be careful and make sure it is the thing you really want though as I think there is no way you could realistically send it back.

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December 3, 2012

They will take your money and no "BUYERS PROTECTION" as claimed!!!

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