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Alexa Borden

The Best Online Education

October3, 2011

As a young musician going to school while trying to have a career in music is very difficult. ADLC has helped me work ahead by taking course online to graduate early. The first thing I noticed when I contacted someone at ADLC was the genuine friendliness I was greeted with. I didn't know much about online schooling, and they were very patient with my questions and very willing to help out. 

They quickly got my courses started up and explained everything extremely well to me so that there weren't any misunderstanding's during the course. Once I was started, I got frequent phone calls from my teacher, motivating and complimenting me on my work throughout the course. It was nice to have a teacher that wanted to connect with their students, especially when your teacher doesn't live in the same province.

Overall, ADLC is a fabulously run business and I hope to see them continue to gain success over the years.

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