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Robert White


August1, 2013

This Company is out for a quick buck "what-ever-it-takes"!

Horrible Customer Service... Horrible Return Policies ... Will Not stand behind their people or their products... Hides behind V.M. so you cannot speak to anyone.

Sold guns to my children w/o ANY method of verifying who they were or how old they were. NO ID CHECK! Then, impossible to resolve issue... management NOT AVAILABLE... only one customer service guy who CANNOT make any decision or even be helpful.

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A Company Run by Children

August20, 2012

We made a purchase from Airsoft GI of a complete Rifle set that was to have included a battery pack and charger. When the set arrived it was missing the battery pack. It took weeks to get that. Then, after we were able to charge it and used the rifle a few times it began to malfunction. That is, when set in Semi-automatic Mode, it fired in automatic nevertheless.

It took us a while to figure out that Airsoft GI had included the wrong charger in the set. We are not able to say that this is the reason for the misfiring, but we finally decided to give up on the set and return it. The agent at Airsoft GI refused to acknowledge their warranty based on the date of original purchase, regardless of the fact that we still do not have the correct accessories from the set as advertised and paid for.

When we asked the agent to speak to a supervisor he told us he would not put anyone else on the phone and began to hang up on us. With much insistence we finally got a 'supervisor' to pick up the phone. But he reiterated their refusal to honor their warranty based on the original purchase date. It is our position that the warranty date was made moot by the fact that it took so long to get the charger -making it impossible to test the rifle till weeks after the date of purchase, and that to this day the set remains incomplete, that is, we don't have the correct charger which may be the reason (or not) for the gun's malfunctioning.

Regardless, it burns us that AIRSOFT GI sells $300 worth of equipment, can't send the right stuff in the box, later their willing to ignore their own error in pacing the box with the wrong electrical accessories but then stand their ground on a warranty date. Our impression is that they do not stand behind their products. We would never do business with them again. This business is run, not by professionals, but by youngsters who do not care about service or integrity.

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January 26, 2013

What The F***?!!!? Airsoft HI is not sh*t like that. Maybe evike is. are you sure it was airsoft gi and not evike? Airsoft Gi is never llike that. I have bought over 2000$ worth of gear and nothing bad has ever happened. Must be evike

You dont need to know :P
March 10, 2013

Airsoftgi isnt a scam. Your probably thinking of a different website or your mom wont let you get an airsoft gun from there so your flaming it so other people cant get an airsoft gun from there

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