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Airline travel is stressful. From delayed baggage to delayed flights, missed connections, or issues related to overbooking, there’s no shortage of stressors should you choose to travel via an airplane.

Fortunately, AirHelp is here to help you make up for the challenges. This company deals with passenger rights first and foremost, and protects your entitlement as you fight for the compensation you deserve.

How Does AirHelp Work?

Many airline passengers are unaware of the rights they have as travelers. AirHelp, founded in 2013 by Henrik Zillmer and Nicolas Michaelsen, provides travelers with updated information and the latest changes in travel rights. The company can help you in a number of ways as an airline passenger.

For example, if your flight is delayed or if you are denied boarding, you can contact the company directly or use their convenient app. This user-friendly program will help you find all information quickly and easily.

If you are in the European Union, you are protected by some of the best travelers rights. When airlines are guilty of impeding upon their passengers’ rights, you can file a claim receiving up to 600 euros per flight. You aren’t charged to fill out a claim, and you can cancel claims at any time.

AirHelp deals with the professional jargon and complicated details behind flights. They fight for compensation for flight disruptions, baggage issues, and other extraordinary circumstances.

How Long Does It Take?

The process to receiving the compensation you need - and deserve - is both quick and easy. For starters, you will need to complete an eligibility check. This check will point to the place from which you departed as well as to the final destination. You will also enter in any information about connecting flights.

After that, you will progress to supplying additional information and documents. You may need to supply documents like copies of your tickets or baggage claim information. Finally, you will finish by filing your claim.

All of this is quick and easy to do when you install the AirHelp mobile app. This user-friendly app allows you to submit requests and file them in a short amount of time.

The amount of time needed in the claim handling process will vary depending on several factors. For example, your case may require significant documentation or the participation of third parties. Estimating exact time frames is difficult. However, most claims end in about three or four months. Those that involve legal proceedings may take even longer.

Cost and Price Plans

AirHelp costs nothing. There are no hidden charges, but the company does take a small commission. About twenty-five of the compensation is charged, plus a 30 euro fee to send you money for the airline. The company makes no money from lost claims - basically, if they don't win, they don’t benefit.

AirHelp does all the work for you and takes only a quarter of the compensation if the claim is successful. Every delay, cancellation, or overbooking can win if you use AirHelp.

Competitors and Alternatives

AirHelp is one of the most reliable players in the airline compensation game. They have helped air travelers since 2013, and they’ve also won more flight compensation claims. They have legal experts in over thirty different countries, and they take the stress out of making a claim - no back and forth with the airlines. You can delete accounts or claims at any time, making it entirely risk free.

One major comparison to consider is AirHelp vs. works in a manner that is similar to AirHelp. You can claim compensation for certain flight problems, but unfortunately only works with flights to and from the European Union. Another consideration to make is AirHelp vs. Flightright. Flightright was founded in 2010 and guarantees success or their services are free. They have a ninety-nine success rate in court.

Finally, consider AirHelp vs. Skycop. Skycop is another flight compensation tool that is still relatively new, but it offers zero financial risk and the application process is quick and easy. Skycop is unique from the other aforementioned flight compensation services in that it also allows you to claim compensation for old flight disruptions.

Is AirHelp Legit?

If you’re wondering whether AirHelp is legit, the short answer is yes. This company is very real and has so far done an excellent job at helping customers get better rights as airline customers.

You can always file a claim yourself, without the help of an aid like AirHelp, but you will be sacrificing a great deal of your time, sanity, and persistence in order to win- and most people just don’t have the time or legal experience to do this.

Customer Service and Reviews of AirHelp

Customer reviews of AirHelp are generally positive, with most complaints and deleted accounts having to do with how long the claims process takes. That being said, this is not unusual for airline claims, and should you choose to fight the battle on your own, you will likely spend much more money and more time in doing so.

The company is easy to get ahold of, with communication one of its utmost priorities. You must log in to contact the customer service department, but once you do, you can ask any questions you might need to there. AirHelp also has active social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can email at [email protected] or use the contact phone number of (888) 912-2479 to reach someone.

Where to Buy?

AirHelp is a free service, so there is no purchase necessary. To sign up, all you need to do is go to the website and fill out your claim details. You will then be directed to and guided through a claim submission form. Here, you can input all the details about your disrupted flight or flight process.

Is AirHelp Worth It?

AirHelp has won about 95 percent of all the claims they have ever filed, getting customers reimbursement for some of the biggest airline headaches. Even if you don’t win your claim, you should know that AirHelp provides other valuable resource as well, sending useful information to passengers about situations like luggage problems and cancellations.

As an airline traveler, you should be prepared at any moment to defend your rights as a passenger. Know the laws and know what you are entitled to, and you will not have to worry about losing money in the future. AirHelp can assist you in making this process possible.

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Waste of time

January 29, 2021

Waste of time, after one year telling me I was entitled compensation, the last month confirming the amount I will receive then ask me to send copy of my passport then of course send me an email to tell me sorry no compensation. waste of time...

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two years too late

June 10, 2020

I filed a claim 2 years ago back in 2018 and all I got was an email every other month with:

"Like we said before, we have a 95% success rate for claims like yours so there is a good chance of us winning you your money."

but its been two years already waiting and nothing.
It's a waste of time and money- get help some places else.

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