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About is a travel website which can help people find airplane tickets and hotel reservations at up to 70% off the traditional retailer prices that customers will locate on other websites.

Unlike other websites popular for helping travelers find airline tickets, does not just aggregate tickets prices from the airlines. Instead, they actually purchase tickets from airlines in advance.

Because they buy tickets in large bulk numbers from the airlines early on, the website says this gives them the ability to turn around and offer these tickets at prices up to 70% off the prices you will find elsewhere.

However, these tickets are considered non-refundable and non-re-routable. warns that customers should be aware that airlines will not offer refunds on these “highly discounted tickets.” does not have a cancellation policy, per se, but they will allow their customers to change the details of their travel plans in advance of their travel date. Domestic tickets can be changed for a $200 fee, and international tickets can be changed for a $350 fee.

If the changes you make are ultimately to a flight which is more expensive than your original flight, you will have to pay the differences in airfare costs as well.

Also, if you have vouchers or coupon codes good for a specific airline, you will need to redeem those promos directly with the airlines themselves; they cannot be accepted by

After you have made your flight or hotel arrangements through, you will want to confirm your reservations with the airlines or hotels themselves. If something happens to alter your arrangements, you’ll have to deal with the vendors themselves instead of the website.

Travelers who miss their flight due to being late or miss connecting flights due to delayed flights must deal with the airlines themselves. Some airlines will re-organize your travel plans while others will simply void your tickets; you must follow the policies of the airlines they are flying with.

If you have any experience with this website, please leave your reviews below.

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Terrible service and false information about discounted airfare

December10, 2014

I cannot begin to warn you about the HORRENDOUS SERVICE provided by this company!!! Here are the details:
Booked a flight through, not aware it was a third party doing the booking (1st problem and unacceptable practice from Kayak) - The booking company turned out to be
The fare was a little better than others, but not much, and definitely not worth the aggravation and excess charges.
Change fees are $350 DOLLARS, when the airline only charges $200.00, but they claim its the airline. So they are charging $150 dollars above the airline fees for themselves.
It is an absolute nightmare to make any changes, since they are incredibly inefficient. Unfortunately, you are forced to go through them for any issues with your ticket.
I needed to make a change to my outbound flight, so I sent a request through their site.
24 hours later I had no reply or confirmation of receipt, so I called their "customer service"
The agent that answered spoke broken English and sounded like he was eating while on the call with me.
He informed me my record showed no change request, so advised me to send a follow-up email.
This time I sent it directly through my Outlook, so that I would have proof of my communications.
30 hours after that, still having received no reply, not even an acknowledgment of having received by change request, I called in again.
I asked to speak with a supervisor, who turned out to be even worse than a regular agent, if that's even possible. Aside from taking 15 minutes to come to the phone, "supervisor" Robert ID # 308 was incredibly rude and provided false information, as follows:
He claimed requests are answered within 24 to 48 hours. My request was placed 56 hours ago and still no reply or acknowledgment of receipt.
When I pointed this out, he said that my matter was not urgent so they would take longer???? This is Christmas time so it is urgent.
When I complained that I had not even received an acknowledgement my request was received by them, he threatened to hang up on me!!!!!
When I commented on the extra $150 dollar change fee above what the airline charges, he said I didn't know that, but I actually do, because I am a trained travel agent and work as an outside sales agent. But when I said that he countered asking me why had I booked through them then...actually that is a good question, the answer is the fare was a little lower than what I could get, but mostly that I was fooled into thinking I was booking through Kayak, not this joke of a company.
I ended up accomplishing nothing other than aggravation, although I did have the pleasure of hanging up on him.
I'm considering purchasing a whole new ticket, just to avoid paying them any change fees.
If you care about your money, time, and most importantly your peace of mind, don't use this company ever. I'll be sending an official complaint the BBB and to, because it makes them look very bad having this kind of rip-off company associated with them.

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