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About AirCooler 24

Smart Saving Company is an online company, hosted in the United States. It sells specially designed air cooler devices. They are not available in stores but are protected by a lifetime customer satisfaction guarantee.


AirCooler 24 is a revolutionary air cooling device, specially developed to serve as a humidifier, purifier and a night light. It is suitable for every part of your home and office. It is compact and has a nice looking exterior, so it goes well with all types of furniture and paint job.

It will give you instant relief on hot summer days, but you, your family and colleagues will also enjoy some additional benefits. The air in the room won’t be dry, so you will breathe with ease. In addition to that, the air is purified and the harmful chemicals, particles and microorganisms, are eliminated.

This creates a healthier living space and working environment that will be much more enjoyable than before.

How Does It Work?

You can plug this device directly into the wall socket or use an USB charger. It sucks in the dry hot air in the room, ad filters out nice cool and most air.

It is very easy to use. All you have to do is fill it with water once every eight hours. The reservoir holds up to 750ml of water. It will use it to cool down the air, filter out the harmful particles and bring back nice fresh and healthy air into the room.

This device is quiet, so you won’t be distracted by it, not even during the night. It doubles as a nice ambient light for your room. Therefore, with AirCooler 24 you have all you need for a refreshing night sleep.

It doesn’t require any special power sources, so you can carry it around with you wherever you go. It is very compact and lightweight. This means you will enjoy its benefits all the time, as it can travel with you without a problem.

It is also safe for the environment, as it doesn’t use any chemicals, unlike the traditional cooling systems. It requires only water to keep running, and you won’t have to fill the tank all the time. Just pour in the water every eight-hour cycle and you are good to go.

This device is especially convenient when you don’t need to cool down all the rooms in your house. With it you can keep the room you spend your time in during the day nice and fresh. Then, when the night comes, take it and bring it along in the bedroom to enjoy its benefits while you sleep.

You will wake up fresh and rested. No more tossing and turning at night and no more sweaty sheets and shirts in the morning. On top of it all, as you will breathe in nice, fresh air, you will not cough, and your nose will work excellent during the night. This means less snoring as well.

You can adjust the fan speed to three different levels and the digital display allows you and easy setup of the desired temperature in the room.

Cost and Price Plans

The device comes at a regular price of $179.99. However, the manufacturer offers special discounts on its official webpage.

If you decide to buy one unit, it can be yours for $89. For two units you will pay $59 each and for three, which is the company’s bestseller, you will pay $54 per unit. Four air coolers come at the price of $55 per unit and if you decide to go big and purchase 10 units, you will get them for $45 each.

Your orders come with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee and the shipping and handling costs are omitted from the payment.

Online Reviews/Complaints

The online reviews of this product are excellent. People are specially satisfied with the fact this cooling system is entirely freon-free. Which makes it not only cost-effective, but also eco-friendly as well.

Because it serves as a humidifier, purifier and a night light, people often choose to place it in the nursery or their older children’s rooms. It doesn’t make noise when it operates, it won’t interfere with your child’s sleep.

You can adjust the temperature and fan speed with ease, so you will create an optimal climate for your little ones to have a nice, uninterrupted, refreshing night sleep.

You will sleep better as well, knowing your children are taken care of. And if you bring one unit in your bedroom, you will too see the benefits this little, but powerful device, offers.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you are in search of small portable air coolers, you can look into some options, other than AirCooler 24, as well. For example, there is G2T-ICE air cooler and purifier, then EvaLight USB powered personal air cooler and evaporator and a personal air cooler named Arctic Air.

Where to Buy?

To place your purchase, visit the manufacturer’s official website here.


Being in a house without a cooling system during the summer can be frustrating. Not only will spend your days fighting the heat, but your nights will be restless too.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution to your problems. It comes in the form of AirCooler 24, which is specially designed to fit any space. It keeps the air cool, moist and dust free. It can be plugged into any wall socket or powered by an USB charger.

It is entirely chemical-free, so it is safe to use around children. All you have to do is fill the tank with water, set the desired temperature and fan speed and you are good to go. In addition to all of that, the device has an LED light, which serves as a soothing night lamp and improves your sleep even further.

The manufacturer has an ongoing special offer, where you can buy this device in bulk for a fraction of its worth.

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1 Review

cheap, mostly nonworking garbage

December15, 2018

Company is a scam! Aircooler, ha, cheap, plastic box with a computer fan and paper element. Ordered 3 and it took months to come. 2 of the 3 did not work. It took another month of them playing games to get them back to them. I did as they directed and since I sent it back in Sept. I have not heard a word from them. I am out $150 and they are still in business. This is ridiculous. They have changed phone numbers, changed addresses, changed contact info, and totally not replied. Garbage company.

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1 Review

AirCool24 is bull shit

August29, 2018

I bought AirCool24 from I was purchased 2 get 1 for free for NZ $244.99. They told me I should receive the product within max 20 working days, but I received them more than 1 month and this company sent different brand to me. It's brand Antarctic Air which cheaper product and low qualities. I email to them and explain what going on, they just told me to send it back which is my cost for delivery back from NewZealand to China. I feel like they cheating on me. PISS ME OFF.

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September 11, 2018

This review sounds more like the truth about COOLAIR 24. Won't be buying it thank you

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1 Review

Air Cooler is a Scam

August25, 2018

This company proclaimed that this little cube could cool a small area and help on AC bills. I received the buy 2 get one free for $177. I opened the box and there was no paperwork, no billing receipt. Just 3 boxes of 3 cubes. I opened one and tried it out per instructions inside the box. It is nothing more than a mini fan, with no additional cooling power whatsoever.
Then you have to use it with a USB plugged into a electrical outlet adapter, like an iphone plug in the unit. Fortunately I had an extra set of these and plugged it into the wall. It has ZERO extra cooling than a $4 personal fan at Dollar Store.

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