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About Airbolt Smart Lock

As technology continues to be integrated into our daily lives, it becomes clear that technology is radically changing our world of security. But this speedy progress can leave people thinking that they're falling behind on upcoming important security technologies to keep themselves and their belongings safe.

Founded in Melbourne Australia, Airbolt believes that when it comes down to traveling, lack of stress and simplicity are key.

After experiencing their own troubles with stolen belongings, the team at Airbolt devised an advanced lock that keeps up with modern age while still keeping the technology simple enough to be accessible by anybody.


All of Airbolt’s features exist via constant communication between the Airbolt itself and one’s own smartphone. You need to use their app to make the technology work. It’s also completely free.

The app will send a plethora of important information that can be accessed in the palm of your hand. You can also control multiple different Airbolt locks all at the same time.

The most important information the Airbolt gives you is its location. It uses geographic data and proximity alerts sent straight to your smartphone to tell you where your belongings. In other words, it’s a tracking device ensuring that no matter where your luggage may end up, finding it just becomes a matter of scrolling through your smartphone.

Secondly, not only does the Airbolt keep your bags locked and secure, but they also inform you directly if anybody with ill intent tries to pick the lock.

Lastly, the lock itself acts as a database, chronologically logging an entry every time your personal belongings are accessed. You’ll be able to keep track of both who’s accessing your lock and how frequently your lock is being accessed.

Regarding the lock itself, it’s a small, neatly compacted lock made from stainless steel and a heavy duty zinc metal alloy. To break it, one would require a force stronger than 73200 psi. You can rest assured knowing that your luggage won’t be as simple as to just pry it off that’s for sure.

How Does It Work

It all starts with a simple app. After receiving your Airbolt, you can download an app completely free that gives you full access to all of the lock’s features.

The second step is pairing your Airbolt lock to your phone via a wireless Bluetooth connection before adding in the backup code.

Finally, you can simply lock up your personal belongings and be able to control whether it turns lock or unlocks virtually anywhere.

The lock has an LED light that indicates whether or not the lock is paired with a Bluetooth device. This makes the connecting and reconnecting process much simpler.

Cost and Price Plans

The lock itself typically costs around half a hundred dollars each with more luxurious and higher quality versions being double that. The price is a little surprising, considering that that’s what most other locks stainless steel locks cost without including any of the technology. It does seem customers are getting quite a bargain here.

When you buy 3 Airbolts, they offer two extra for free. Keep in mind you’d be able to control and keep track of all of them right from your smartphone.

Customer Service

You can contact Airbolt directly via their two emails, [email protected] and [email protected] They also have a plethora of FAQs and active forums where they answer users’ questions and address other concerns. They do not seem to have a phone number you can contact, however.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Airbolt seems to be a pretty well-received product in the world of advanced locks as customers praise it’s easy to navigate code, Bluetooth connectivity, its extensive collection of data, and how readily accessible all this information is from the app.

Customers enjoy the autonomy Airbolt provides over their locks. However, within close to proximity to your own cell phone, a hacker with the right tools could potentially unlock the Airbolt which is still an issue with many “modern” locks and Airbolt is no exception.

Competitors and Alternatives


All high tech locks have their ups and downs in the security technology market. Take eGee Touch whose one advantage over Airbolt is that there isn’t any code remembering involved which often makes the whole lock set up a much less cumbersome project, which in turn also makes the product cheaper.

However, this makes eGee significantly more susceptible to hackers, making it significantly easier to break into. Although it’s low cost, it’s low quality as well.


LockSmart takes a more traditional approach when it comes to their design looking like a classic locker lock, with the unbreakable material to back it up. LockSmart builds their locks with toughness in mind, being able to withstand intense weather conditions such as rain, snow, and hail. This is definitely something you would use to lock up your garage. Those added features don’t come without a cost however as LockSmart is significantly pricier than Airbolt.


Nokē goes a step beyond Bluetooth and phone activated features by having users enter the cloud with their locks. Nokē allows users to have their locks and the data coming from the locks to be entered into a cloud system.

This has a couple of advantages such as allowing certain groups of people have access to the lock which can be extremely useful for businesses where access is filtered among employees quite often. Cloud-based technology is fairly complicated, however, and may not be easy to understand unless a person is knowledgeable with the technology.

Where to Buy?

All Airbolt products can be found and purchased on the Airbolt site itself. Airbolt products can also be found and purchased on Amazon as well.


It’s tricky traversing the world of security, as technology becomes more and more intertwined with our lives it only makes sense that people should use that technology in their favor, a fact Airbolt seems to embody pretty well.

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