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Using is a new way to list, find and book unique travel accommodations around the world. This site connects hosts to people who want to book a trip. They have accommodations in over 19,000 cities and over 190 countries.

There are many rental options available as well as a number of different price points. Booking accommodations is easy and can be completed online or by phone. There is also 24/7 customer support for any help you may need.

Rental options you may find through Airbnb include spare rooms, futons, homes, boats, islands, castles and even tree houses. Timeframes vary as well; there are overnighters, weekend stays, full weeks, and even monthly sublets.

Airbnb enables hosts to complete a file of their listing for free. Each listing includes uploaded pictures, prices and the time frames available to rent. Hosts may even include a video profile to improve their chances of finding someone to book with them.

There is an online message center and even voice chat so members can communicate freely without providing contact information until they are comfortable to do so. Someone who is looking for a place to rent can request a reservation from the host and then the host can either accept or decline the offer.

After the host has accepted the reservation; payments are made through the Airbnb website. Hosts pay 3% of the transaction for processing and guests are charged 6-12% as a booking fee.

Airbnb has taken numerous measures to make this a safe exchange for both hosts and renters. There are many safety features available, in addition to the private message and private voice chat.  Anyone with a profile on their site, both acquaintances and past guests, can share reviews and provide references for hosts.

Also, each host’s property is covered for up to $1,000,000 should there be loss or damage caused by an Airbnb guest. There are a number of tools and resources on the site to ensure all of their members can take the proper safety measures so everyone has an overall pleasant and positive experience.

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Cheap and reliable

November13, 2014

I decided to give it a go last month while travelling to Vancouver. It is nice to get a whole flat for half the price of an hotel room. My host was very nice and helpful, and guided me round the city as this was my first time in Vancouver. You can really trust the reviews on the website. I'll do it again next time I'll travel. Real great experience.

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