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The Air Curler is a new As Seen On TV product which you can order from their website,, which promises soft, tangle free curls in just twenty seconds which will last all day.

According to their website, traditional curling irons which use high heat settings can damage your hair with repeated use. To avoid damaging your hair with repeated curling use, this company has claimed to create a “revolutionary styling tool that creates perfect curls every time.”

All you have to do is take the Air Curler attachment and connect it to the nozzle of your hair dryer. The website promises that this attachment will fit the nozzle of most hair dryers available.

The Air Curler attachment will then create a spinning movement with your hair and the air from the dryer; they describe it as being similar to the motion of a cotton candy machine. This motion both dries the hair as well as curls it.

The As Seen On TV commercials have become popular, as well as independent Air Curler reviews which have appeared on YouTube and which recommend that – against the directions of the attachment – you get the best results using a higher heat seating than with a cool heat setting.

Customers who are interested in this product will not find it in regular retail stores. Instead, you must order it from either or from private sellers on

Currently the price is just $14.99, with a cost of $7.99 for Processing and Handling. If you would like, you can order a second Air Curler attachment for free, with just an extra cost of $5.99 for additional Processing and Handling. Allow the company three to six weeks for time of delivery.

Customers who have issues or complaints with this product can return it for up to 30 days if they choose. You can receive a refund for the purchase cost, but unfortunately not for the cost of Processing and Handling.

If you have any experience with this product, please leave your Air Curler reviews below.

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