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A product of nutritional company New Vitality, Ageless Male is a nutritional supplement which promises their customers the ability to raise their levels of free testosterone with the use of proven, key ingredients.

According to the New Vitality website, after their 30s men start to experience a decrease in their levels of testosterone, and testosterone more than any other hormone supports a man's health and wealth being.

Because of this, they claim that all men, regardless of age, could actually benefit from a boost in their testosterone production, including benefits in their energy levels and sexual health. 

While there are supplements which contain chemicals to boost testosterone as well as those that say they are all natural, like Nugenix and Test X180 Ignite, Ageless Male does not currently qualify itself in either category. 

Though they do state that their key ingredients have been clinically proven to boost testosterone safely and effectively, with no major side effects, they do not have a published list of their ingredients at this time.

This may be because they are currently involved in a lawsuit where the efficacy of their ingredients and the truthfulness of their claims are being challenged. There has yet to be a decision made in that case.

Because New Vitality provides their supplements directly to their customers, they are not available in stores but only through their website. A one month supply of Ageless Male will cost $49.95, unless you choose the Super Saver option.

The Super Saver option allows you to order a month supply for $39.95 plus $6.99 in Shipping and Handling, and will ship you a new order automatically every month, with the same charge being applied every 30 days.

You can cancel this enrollment at any time, with no further obligation, and customers that have any complaints about the product they receive have 30 days to return their product and request a refund.

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