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About is a licensed travel agency that offers affordable travel accommodations to destinations around the world. Their focus is not only to provide low rates, but it is to also provide the best customer service to potential customers as well as repeat customers.

They have affordable travel including river tours, cruises, guided tours, independent tours and much more. With a well-rounded selection of tours, anyone can find something that fits their style and budget.

AffordableTours has gained a wealth of knowledge pertaining to the travel industry because of their long standing experience that dates back to 1999. Mainly, they are able to obtain such low travel rates through suppliers because of their high sales volume.

Their agents are trained thoroughly to be able to answer all of your inquiries for travel arrangements. Many of their agents have taken the same trips themselves and can provide an overall insight and advice to help you decide where to book your travel destination.

AffordableTours also makes it possible to work with only one agent during the travel planning and booking from start to finish. Receiving personalized attention is one of the customer service techniques they use to create a relationship with the customer.

While travel arrangements may include the trip itself, there are often other travel necessities to complete the plans. AffordableTours include arrangements such as flight accommodations, travel protection and documentation preparation.

Unfortunately there have mixed reviews on the overall service of AffordableTours referencing the agent’s and the booking process. Many individuals did not receive the quality service that they anticipated. They received poor customer service and a lack of follow through from their agent. This raises the question of whether these agents were concerned with making a sale rather than helping the customer.

On numerous occasions agents have neglected to complete travel arrangements with the supplying tour company. Customers have also had difficulty obtaining their documents prior to travel.

There have been hardly any complaints reported to the Better Business Bureau which is a good sign for those who plan to use AffordableTours for their travel plans. Even though some customers have had a bad experience, many others have had a good experience. Other traveler's reviews showed overall content for their customer service; they had well planned travel arrangements and a great time on the trip. Some of these customers even went on to book other travel arrangements through AffordableTours.

To find the best travel rates and the best planned vacation, always shop around and match quotes. Some of the agencies will overcharge you if you aren't cautious. Go through the Better Business Bureau to search for any complaints on different travel agencies. Another good idea is to talk with your friends and family members who may be able to recommend a reputable agency.

Another option is to go directly to the company providing the tour and book through them; and take the other travel arrangements into your own hands to make sure it is done correctly.

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Affordable Tours

July24, 2014

Misrepresntation tour info to me to sell a Cosmos Tour. They would not refund my money when I called them on the inaccurate information. DON'T do business with them. They SELL and don't SERVICE.

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Bill Maki

playing word games

October2, 2012

I transfered our cruise booking from Holland America to Affordable Tours, because of the combined discount and the free gifts offered. I noticed over the months of contact prior to the cruise, that the agent never once metioned any of the free items we would receive onboard, so I finally asked if we were going to get any of the offered gifts. He said that all the gifts that we qualifide for were being applied to our cruise contract.
Needless to say, we did not receive any of the promised gifts during the cruise and the agency didn't even send a card thanking us for our business and saying bon voyage.
When I returned home, there was a note from Affordable Tours asking if we would like to book another trip through them. I contacted our agent and told him of our displeasure at not being told the truth about the freebies. His response was,"If I knew you wanted a bottle of wine, I could have adjusted your rate upward and provided one". His dishonesty and subsequent rudeness has insured that we will never use Affordable Tours again.

Bill Maki

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