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Advanced Test-O-Boost is a supplemental nutritional product which promises its users that they can help them raise their testosterone levels, which is both necessary and important for the health and well-being of men of every age.

This product is produced by Niwali, a company who says their mission is to replenish the "health of the nation" through the use of nutritional supplements, informational products, life coaching and interactive group retreats.

According to, the reality is that men can lose up to 90% of their testosterone levels simply through the natural - and unavoidable - process of aging, with the bulk of this testosterone loss occurring between the ages of 25 and 70.

Unfortunately, in addition to the loss of testosterone through aging, they also say that there are environmental factors that can increase the rate of depletion, including cell phone and WiFi radiation, as well as genetically modified foods and toxins in waters.

Men suffering from low levels of testosterone can cause symptoms like fatigue and loss of stamina, poor sexual performance, reduced sex drive, depression, muscle weakness, and more.  

Testosterone supplements are growing in popularity, with many other companies like Formula T10 and Prolexin IGF-1, which also claim to raise your levels of testosterone through either natural or chemical based ingredients, but Advanced Test-O-Boost isn't clear about the ingredients that make up their product. 

In fact, they don't list their ingredients at all, which does make it difficult for customers to determine whether or not this supplement will be safe for them to use, especially if they have known allergies, though they do promise that their ingredients are all natural with no known side effects. 

Customers can order a one month supply of Advanced Test-O-Boost for a Shipping and Handling fee of $4.95 and receive a 14 day trial period. Customers with complaints can return their orders during this time period and receive no further charges, while customers who would like to keep their orders will be charged the full purchase price of $69.95 and enrolled in their auto-ship program.

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