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Adonis Golden Ratio System is a body sculpting system designed specifically for men who want to achieve the perfectly proportionate body type. John Barban developed this program based on a specific ratio deemed to be, based on evolution, a man’s most natural form.  His other guide, the Venus Factor, caters to women's specific needs.

The principle factor is the ratio of a man’s waist compared to his shoulders. When this ratio is exhibited, its results produce “The Adonis Effect”, this is the subconscious admiration from women and men to what they physically see and are most attracted to. 

The program is suited for all types of men regardless of their body proportions. The initial step of the program requires measurement input which is then calculated to determine a program specifically geared to you.

In its entirety, this workout program consists of three core components: training, nutrition and supplementation. All of the materials are provided through online software which is downloaded from The necessary tools and resources, to achieve your goals, can be purchased through the website.

The Adonis Golden Ratio 12 week program includes a combination of sequential exercises used to build muscle while burning fat. Through the instructional video lessons, each exercise is explained and shown so it is easy to follow along. 

Nutrition plans are customized with their Golden Nutritional Software. It will give you a diet plan including what to eat and when to eat based on your Adonis Index. They stress the importance of avoiding soy products and processed foods feeding into estrogen levels. 

Supplementation, while not imperative, is the third part of this program. Not only will you learn what supplements to take and when to take them, but you will learn what role they play in your efforts to achieve a perfectly proportionate physique.

Adonis Golden Ratio costs $47.00 and is backed with a 60 day return policy. Three bonus gifts entailing additional materials and guides come with its purchase. Unfortunately this price doesn’t include the nutritional and supplement portions of the program. Men’s online complaints revealed they were not aware each component had to be purchased separately.

Vs. P90X, Adonis Golden Ratio is structured for men who want to bulk up. Reviews show that unless you have a home gym, you will need to have a gym membership to perform the Adonis Golden Ratio workouts. P90X is a cardio intense workout video used to burn fat and lose weight quickly. It is convenient for individuals who do not belong to a gym.

Each individual’s body is different which means results will vary. Since some men will begin the program at a calculated ratio closer to the “Golden Ratio”, they will see different changes in their body than those who are further away from it. Their workout regimen will focus more on building muscle with weight-lifting while less emphasis will be placed on burning fat with cardio. 

For the Adonis Golden Ratio System to work, it is imperative to follow the directions without taking shortcuts. Change can only be achieved with hard work, patience, and dedication.

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