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About Action Pro White

The Action Pro White is an at home teeth whitening system that says their whitening product produces the same whitening effects as a professional dentist but without the expense or risks of injury.  

How Does It Work?

According to their website, this at home whitening system uses a professional strength whitening gel - 22% carbamide peroxide - in combination with custom molding trays. These custom trays are said to ensure complete coverage of all your enamel surfaces while still protecting your gums. 

After you fill the custom trays with the gel, place them in your mouth and let the gel surround your teeth for 15 minutes. Once this time period is up, the website says to rinse your mouth with plain water and "enjoy a whiter smile."

Cost/Price Plans

New customers can order a full Action Pro White kit for an initial cost of $1.03 plus the applicable Shipping and Handling charge. This charge gets you a "Risk Free Trial" for 10 days, at which time you will be charged $92.13, which they say is a 40% discount off their normal retail price.   

Refund Policy

Unfortunately, Action Pro White has multiple different Refund Policies based on the type of refund you are trying to secure, whether it is after purchasing a single order of their product or after you have become an autoship member. Customers will want to either contact Customer Service or look at their Terms and Conditions early on in the purchase process if they think they may want a refund.    

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to speak to their Customer Service team about their questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 877-281-8914 or by traditional mail at 7565 Commercial Way, Unit E, Henderson, NV 89011.   


Unfortunately Action Pro White has some very vocal unhappy customers, though most of the customers are unhappy due to the confusing billing practices of the company and not necessarily the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of their product.   

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many, many different types of tooth whitening products available on the market for users who are interested, including LumaGloss Teeth Whitening, HydraWhite, BritenSure, and many more.    

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your Action Pro White reviews below.

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Ain't about to rob me with no pistol

February4, 2016

On the date 1/30/2016 I order a free trial from Action Pro White which was advertised for $1.03 plus the $3.00 shipping and handling after the order for the free trial was placed I received an email stating that I had 10 day to cancel the subscription or my card would be charged $93.13 plus $10.91. I immediately went back on the web site and selected canceled. Then I receive another email a cancellation email stating that per our conversation I will be charged $38.71 half price for a 30 day supply something that I didn't ask for or authorize. I was only interested in free trial for the $4.03. And when I canceled I never talked to anybody cause it was done online so therefore who did I have the conversation with there was none this is a rip off you advertise a product for a free trial then when a customer opts in sent the fine print after they have your credit card info. Then forced to buy something they don't want. After receiving the email I called Action Pro I was told that it was a special discounted price for a 30 day supply in which I never asked for. I received 2 packages from them yesterday they are both the free trials. All I want is my money returned to me. I refuse to allow them to steal out of my account for something they advertising for free. You're not about to rob me with no pistol.

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December9, 2015

I was informed by Jacob of Customer Service. I was advised that the $1.03 charge was for a shipping fee. Now today, on credit card statement I see a charge for $3.87, what is this?? I have informed my credit card that this is an unathorized purchase by Action Pro. I tried contacting Action Pro on Facebook, not available. Action Pro has a contact us, not available. This is a scam merchant. Do not use them

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