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AcneFree, found online at, is a skincare product line available online and in limited retail locations which promises to help people who are suffering from mild, moderate, or severe acne.

According to their website, acne is a common, chronic, and difficult to treat skin disorder which affects 40-50 million people in the US alone, and AcneFree claims to be “at the forefront of the science and acne treatment and prevention.”

The website describes their main goal is to help you better understand your acne so that you can get it under control and move on with your life. To this end, their website has an infographic which shows the four stages of acne development.

The website also explains the differences between how to categorize mild, moderate, and severe acne so that you can determine your appropriate issues and then purchase the best products to address them.

Depending on what your personal needs are – your level of acne severity combined with whether or not you have sensitive skin – there range of products contains one of three very effective ingredients: salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or sulfur.

Their product line goes from basic cleansers and toners to more intense products such as their Maximum Strength Terminator 10, the strongest available over the counter benzoyl peroxide medication which you apply to emerging acne to kill the bacteria.

They also have the Therapeutic Sulfur Mask, which is intended to soak up excess oil and soothe inflamed acne areas, and a wide range of AcneFree kits with total product lines intended to suit your needs.

To discover where AcneFree products are sold in your residential area, there is a store locator on their website. You can also sign up for their free newsletter which will keep you up to date on products and acne science, but will also intermittently provide product coupons.

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