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About Acceptance Insurance

The Acceptance Insurance company, found online at, calls themselves the “leading provider of personal automobile insurance and other related products.”

Available in over 380 locations across 12 different states, the Acceptance Insurance brand also includes Yale Insurance and Insurance Plus and provides insurance policies for Automobiles, Motorcycles, Renters, Roadside Assistance, and Hospital Benefits.

Their website allows prospective customers to access a wide variety of information you may need when assessing your insurance options and possibilities. Their Frequently Asked Questions section includes explanations of deductibles, coverage, exclusions, and claims’ processes.

If you are interested in obtaining an insurance quote from them, you can do just by submitting your state and the zip code of your residential area. Then you’ll need to answer a short questionnaire which will ask you for information regarding your specific insurance needs, and whether or not you might be eligible for any possible discounts. 


After your questionnaire is completed, you’ll get a free initial quote from Acceptance Insurance. This quote is no obligation to buy – you can review the policy and its cost before you decide whether or not you would like to purchase the policy.

Of the twelve states in which they conduct business – Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas – there are certain policies and options available in some states that are not available in others. You can see these options once you submit your residential zip code for a potential quote.

Customers who would prefer to speak with a representative directly to have personal questions and issues dealt with specifically can call their Customer Service phone number and receive a quote from them as well.

Personal information provided to Acceptance Insurance will not be shared with anyone or used for any other purpose than providing you with the quote you have requested. Once your information has been submitted, you will automatically be placed on their correspondence list, which you can Unsubscribe from at any time.

If you have any experience with this company, please leave your Acceptance Insurance reviews below.

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Switch to to State Farm and you win
September 6, 2016

Been with acepptance for over a year, no accidents or traffic violations , i was paying them $148 a month, after 6 months i was sent a renewel offer for $170 a month. I called customer service and was told their was a 12.5 percent in the state of texas, researched and found out thats a lie they tell alote of their customers, i thought that being a loyayal customer for over a year would bring my rate down not up, i was WRONG, SO I SAID ENOUGH IS ENOUGH AND I GOT OVER PROBABLY 20 QUOTES, AND THE ONE THAT LIT MY EYES UP WAS STATE FARM.

$122 A MONTH


Acceptance Insurance is a horrible company to deal with!
March 7, 2015
I was pleased to find this company three years ago as I had a high risk driving record for a while and they provided me with insurance. Three years later, I had my first claim, and it was a small one. The service was horrible. It took my so called adjuster over a month to actually call me. That was after I left many messages, several e mails, and wrote him a letter. He was rude and not a bit helpful. If you try to call this company at the claims level, you will go through an automated process that never gets you a real person to talk to. If you call the local office where you bought your policy, they will simply tell you all they do is sell insurance and send you back to the claims number. This went on for almost five weeks. This was the worst experience I have ever had, and finally, my fiance's insurance on the car, State Farm, paid the claim for us. If you are forced to use this company due to a bad driving record, get away from it as soon as you can. They took my money for three years and were unacceptable, rude and worthless.

Mandee M July 30, 2018

The absolute worse company i purchased insurance june 19th was notified of auto pay my bill was due july 19th they cancelled day of i didnt recieve a bill or cancelation notice i found out when i just recieved a notice from dmv i called them and they told me they sent a notice of cancellation to me june 28th for july 19th because they couldnt pull the money off my card why did they try to take money off before my bill was due and sent me a cancellation notice 9 days after i purchased insurance from them and they refused to refund part of my money

Chris March 14, 2018

Acceptance Insurance SUCKS! Only had it 3 weeks and they have allready cancled me due to non payment??? WTF supposed to be auto pay, charged monthly. Of course been on hold 45 minutes and ran out of time on my phone. Can not talk to a live person, or "ITS NOT MY DEPT" Are you going to bill me every 3 weeks for a monthly charge? Horrible customer service!

Clint A April 03, 2015

This company is a scam and needs to be stopped. I was rear ended by one of their policy holders. After much effort I got through and was able to make a claim and was told I would be called within 48 hours by claim adjuster Breanna Graham. I was given her phone number. When I called her after hearing nothing for almost a week, her message stated that they were very understaffed and to be patient. It's now been almost two weeks. I have left 5 messages. I cannot get anybody on the phone. It's all "leave a message and we'll get back to you" BS. I have found review after review all stating similar stories. How can this be legal?! I have a damaged car and it's their policy holder's fault which she readily admitted. My car was perfect and now has a cracked bumper. This company has to be stopped.