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Accenture, found online at, says that they are one of the world’s leading organizations providing management consulting, technology, and outsourcing services.

Started in the 1950s when General Electric installed their first company computer system, Accenture has since grown both in the size of its company and employees as well as the scope and variety of the services they offer.

Currently Accenture employs more than 260,000 people in offices located in more than 200 different cities in 54 countries around the world. People who are interested in career opportunities with this company can check out for open positions and potential employment circumstances.

When companies and corporations started heavily relying on computer systems, Accenture was primarily a technology consultant and systems integrator. But as computers became more sophisticated, so did the services offered by Accenture.

One of the ways Accenture branched out was to work hard to create specific technological and processing solutions for government computer systems, in addition to business systems, though their business solutions still make up the core of their business.

In the 1980s they started offering business solutions with the purpose of aligning a company’s technology, processes, and people with the strategies of the businesses themselves.

Accenture’s main goal today is to give companies whatever technological and strategic solutions they need to collaborate with their clients in order to help them become high performance businesses.

Business owners who are interested in the business solutions that Accenture may be able to offer them can look at their website for more detailed explanations of what their company can offer you in terms of consulting, technology, and outsourcing.

Their website has conducted research on how improving these areas of your business can help you become more successful and more profitable. If you think their solutions can work for you, you should contact the company directly to see how these solutions can be personalized to your needs.

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