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About Accelleral

The advancement in the research and medical fields has led to the manufacturing of many different products that are of great benefit to consumers. Different drugs have been introduced after they have been scientifically-proven to be safe and effective.

The Accelleral researchers work around-the-clock to come up with mind-stimulating products. They focus on providing solutions for the sick as well as finding ways to boost the body’s systems.

The introduction of pills and supplements that boost the brain’s function has now provided many people with a solution to various brain-related issues. Entrepreneurs and students can now focus on their end goals with a clear mind.

These pills improve performance levels in every sector, resulting in a rise in performance and levels of productivity.


Several mind boosting products with varying efficacy levels are available. They are all aimed towards stimulating the brain for a boosted functionality.


Accelleral is one of the top, most sought-after brain boosting pills. Manufactured with a scientifically-designed formula and the best ingredients for optimum brain performance, these pills are the best for the highest brain power.

The formulation of Accelleral includes natural ingredients scientifically-tested and proven. Made of 100% water-soluble supplement, the pills can easily enter the brain, giving it the mental boost needed.

The pills contain ingredients that enhance signal transmission, support proper brain functioning as well as protect the neurons. Neurons need to be functioning properly for them to transmit signals for brain functioning.

The ingredients include choline, L-Theanine, phenylpiracetam and noopept. These pills allow neurotransmitter synthesis for healthy brain power. This is done through the stimulation of the brain to build new neurons and neural pathways.

The enhancement of your mental capabilities through the pills supercharges the neurotransmitters, increasing your thinking capacity and maximum levels of concentration.

Apart from the positive effects on the brain, the pills contain vitamins and amino acids. They also increase blood circulation to the brain, intensifying your energy activities for faster problem-solving.


Another great option for a super memory boost is Adderall. By stimulating the brain cells, Adderall also improves your mood, eliminates any brain fog and forgetfulness for a clear thinking capacity.


Provigil enhances your memory and increases your brain’s activity and problem-solving capabilities. As a result, it allows you to focus and concentrate.

How Does It Work?

Simply go to the official Accelleral website and fill in your personal details. Finally, click on the “Get My Risk Free Trial” button and you will be redirected and instructed on the payment process.

The Accelleral customer service team will then ship your product depending on your specified location, with the United States Postal Service First Class Mail being the main shipping mail service.

Cost and Price Plans

The product has no specified cost stated and you will only be able to receive more information upon your purchase.

Customer Service

You can get more information about Accelleral by calling their Customer Service line at (855) 773-6637. You can also cancel your subscription any time by calling that number.

When it comes to refunds, the package must include a clearly labeled RMA number from customer service. However, the supplement currently has free trial offers with a money-back guarantee.

Their return policy entails getting in touch with their customer service team for the return of the product within 14 days of placing your order.

It takes 3-7 business days for the completion of any refunds. Monthly recurring shipments have to be canceled prior to the billing date. Once the monthly recurring shipment has been billed, there are no returns accepted for refund.

Online Reviews/Complaints

The pills reduce brain fog, increasing focus, concentration and mental alertness and clarity as a result. It increases your energy levels, problem-solving capabilities and quick brain performance, allowing you to grasp what you are reading.

Students with reading issues and forgetful memories experienced an improvement in their memory. In fact, they could easily recall what they had studied without any difficulty. 

The supplement unlocks long-term memory, reducing stress, mental fatigue, body weakness and anxiety levels at a quick pace. One of the disadvantages of the product is that although it has ample positive reviews, not much information has been given with regards to the company.

Competitors and Alternatives

Similar products with the same effects can be found on online sites such as Lucid, Mind Lab Pro and Boost Edge Plus. Lucid is a company that specializes in making mind-boosting products made from natural and clinically-proven ingredients safe for human intake.

Mind Lab Pro and Boost Edge Plus also have similar, 100% effective pills for enhanced brain power. The products work towards clearing brain fog, especially when you are under pressure - whether at work or at school.

They offer you maximum neural where you do not have to waste time trying to recall stuff.

Where to Buy?

You can buy a bottle of Accelleral from their official website.


The brain is a body part that is always working for the proper functioning of other body parts. Sometimes, it undergoes immense pressure due to information overload and fails to function properly. This results in memory lapses and its overall performance is affected.

With the use of Accelleral, its clinically-proven ingredients will optimize your overall mental health and promote cognitive function.

After a few weeks of use, you can relax knowing that you will be in a position to recall everything and think faster. You will also have bursts of energy and focus as well as a supercharged brain for success.

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They will attempt to charge your card monthly

February23, 2019

I signed up for the trial offer and received it. I tried a couple and threw it away. I don’t know if it works or not but I’m sure it doesn’t. The fact that they tried to charge my card $89.95 two weeks later shows me that they are full of it. I don’t trust companies like this and I’m glad that I didn’t try anymore of that crap. Don’t waste your time with this company!

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1 Review


September27, 2018

I did get billed for the shipping and handling charge, but never received any product. I have to no avail tried calling them, they have not charged me any extra either.

I ordered this back in June or July 2018.

I went back to this web site, and it does turn out they put you on some sort of auto-ship, but I never got even the trial.

I am wondering if this was just to get my card number and wait some time and use it later on say before the expiry date?

Just for safety I am going to have my card replaced.

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August30, 2018

Stay away from this company. They offer a "FREE" trial bottle of accelleral just paying shipping and handling without telling they are subscribing you on a monthly auto-shipment for $90. When I found that, I called the number in their web page to cancel my order just to find they never answer the phone. There is no way to cancel the auto-shipment. My credit card tried to contact them too without answers from them.

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