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Website: About.me

About.me is a social networking platform with the purpose of helping people build their online presence in a way that is intended to be personalized but also open and available to the public.

How Does it Work?

Unlike Facebook, which is a social networking site that has been the subject of many privatization controversies, About.me is a social networking site that is meant to be completely open to all internet users.

This is because they want to be a social network platform that acts as a professional extension of you. You have full control over your page – the background design, your personal picture, and all text that will appear.

The goal of this site is to make it easy for people to find your online presence and learn more about you – visitors can see your page without having to have their own account, which makes this an excellent potential extension of your resume or professional profile.

About.me promises that their site is easy for anyone to use, with no need to know how to code, build, or design your own site. All design features are said to be simple and ready to go, for both maximum customization and professional appearance.

And if you are using your page as a resume extension or portfolio of skills examples, or as a way of marketing your business in a more personalized manner, About.me also allows you to have access to your page’s analytics.

This information includes who has visited your page, from where they were directed to your page, and what they clicked on while they were there.

Having an account with this company is also free – the only information you are required to provide them with is your name, an active email address, and password.

In addition, new users can take advantage of About.me’s partnership with Moo.com, an online printing company, and receive a package of new customized business cards when you sign up.

If you have any experience with About.me or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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Very Poor support
August 19, 2019

I have been using this portal as an extension to create an overview page / landing page. A one stop shop overview to share with people.

The site is simple yet effective.


I have been getting abuse and threats through the About.me portal and I have reached out to them a few times, there only response is that they will get back to me in 30 days. I have shared the current Police crime reference number and Police contact details and have not had any replies from About.me.

There is a grave concern that hate crime and threats to life can sent through this medium and there is no support or contact from About.me. There is no safety process and lack of response.

Awesome Website
May 23, 2017
Awesome Site for creating a branded page.