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Abine.com offers online tools and services to consumers which inhibit the collection and availability of their personal information. Abine solution’s target security issues that come into play when sensitive data is collected and used unbenounced to internet users’ through their general browsing activities. There are three online solutions available to download and purchase. Each one of them can be ordered by phone or online directly through their website. 
Do Not Track Me is a free browser add-on used to detect advertisers who are currently tracking your online activities and notifies you when any future attempts surface. This Abine tool enables you to select the tracking cookies you wish to keep and opt-out of the ones you don’t want. 
DeleteMe is an online adviser used to remove your public profile, contact information and photos from websites. Abine will send you a privacy report every three months. DeleteMe costs $129.00 for a one year subscription and $209.00 for a two year subscription.
Abine also has a free program called MaskMe which allows you to browse and shop online without compromising your personal information. MaskMe works by encrypting any data input as you are entering it into that sites required fields when signing up for an account or when making online purchases. For only $5.00 a month you can upgrade to the premium version which adds Masked phones and Masked credit cards.
Abine.com and Repution.com do not operate the same way. Abine.com is mainly focused on avoiding and protecting information whereas Reputation targets the illegal intrusions of privacy and unwanted negative information found on the web.
Abine had both positive and negative online reviews. Some users noticed that the software caused a decrease in their computers overall performance. It is for this reason that users felt as if the program might actually be tracking their activity, not protecting it. On the other hand, users did notice a decrease in advertiser pop-ups. They felt protected because the program identified and notified them when their privacy was at risk.
Abine does not find all of the sites holding your personal information, this holds true for all online protection services. If your browser works with more than one privacy protection program, using a combination of these services will provide you with broader span of protection.
Unfortunately here is no guarantee that your information won’t resurface in the future because much of this online information is accessible through recorders offices maintained by the government. Most importantly these sites are prompting consumers to be more aware of their internet activities. The general public is transparent with their information, naïve about the way their information is being used and do not recognize the risks involved.
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