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About 99Designs.com

99Designs.com is a digital marketplace where clients who need designs for their personal or business purposes can find a large volume of graphic designers who are willing to compete for their business. 

How Does It Work?

Clients who are looking for a design begin the process by answering the questions included in their brief with as much detail as possible, so the designers have the best chance of meeting your needs.

Once you choose and pay for a design package, your contest will be officially launched. Their website says that more than 850,000 designers will have access to your design request and can choose to compete for your business. The more feedback you provide your designers, the better your designs will be. 

Seven days after your contest officially launches, you will pick a winning design and sign a copyright agreement - the designer receives the prize money and you receive your new design. 

Cost/Price Plans

This website offers four different packages that each offer different "prize" money and a different number of design proposals.

The Bronze Package costs $299 and will bring you an estimated 30 designs, the Silver Package costs $499 and will bring you an estimated 60 designs, the Gold Package costs $799 and will bring you an estimated 90 designs, and finally the Platinum Package costs $1,199 and will bring you 60 premium designs from exceptional designers that are handpicked by 99Designs.

Refund Policy

They do offer a 60 day, 100% Money Back Guarantee on all contests that don't offer a "guaranteed prize," though of course if you request a refund you are no longer able to use designs you were given access to. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who wish to speak with Customer Service about their questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 800-513-1678 or by submitting them directly to their website. 


This company receives mixed reviews from both its designers and its clients, for a wide variety of reasons ranging from claims of plagiarized designs to poor work quality and more.          

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are some other companies available online which strive to provide clients with a similar solution to their graphic design needs, including StockLogos.com.     

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your 99Designs.com reviews below.

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3 Reviews

Some great stuff but also some very average stuff

December 11, 2018

First time worked well with good quality design. The second time, it was very average, and support foo resolution wasn't helpful. Had to post a third project to get a complete redesign and working graphics/ compatible files that I was supposed to get in my second project. This end up costing twice the money. For a one of project I guess you might have a 50 / 50 chance of something of quality. I think they could improve if they work on their quality checks and after sale and project support.

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1 Review

99 Designs ROCKS!

September 6, 2017

A few months back I needed to get design done for my wife's boss. She owns a dry cleaning (not my wife, her boss) in downtown Sydney. The lady is a bit older and her logo was the same since the 80's so it looked dated and frankly, quite ugly.

When she assigned my wife (she is a secretary there) she tried for a few weeks to create something fancy in Photoshop, but at the end, it looked just as bad as the original logo from the 80's haha

So to help my wife and impress herbs, we created a contest for a logo. We received SO many submissions and suggestions, it was almost overwhelming.

Long story short, the designers at 99 Design rock, and my wife and her boss were super happy. I was like a hero hahah loved it!

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3 Reviews

Best Site

May 25, 2017

I have started on 99designs 2 years ago as absolutely beginner and I learn so much there! Lot of inspirational designs, great designers to learn.This is the best site.

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4 Reviews

Used them time and again

November 15, 2016

I submitted to 99Designs a few projects and the creativity the designers on hand can deliver is simply astonishing.

Twice we ended hiring the designer for the whole branding project.

Great website!

December 20, 2016

99designs.com stolen my winning money and suspended my account

Hi everybody, Today i am going to share my 99design with you all, I won a contest at 99design, after i won the contest they said my money will credit on my account ASAP but they suspended my account and stolen my money, i think they are big scam in online. My user name is imaxqapp

They just suspended me without paid my contest winning money

“Your account has been suspended forever for the following reason:
Hello, Thanks for your interest in 99designs. Unfortunately the current quality of your work does not fit our site standards. As a result, we have put your account on hold. We encourage you to improve your design skills. You can find design tutorials and inspirational work here:”

[email protected]
Website Developer & Graphics Designer

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5 Reviews

cost effective

October 26, 2016

love the design, agree with all the revieweers

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3 Reviews

Cool Idea!!!

September 21, 2016

99designs is a cool idea - put your graphic design project up for bid, get a bunch of submissions, give submitter feedback, and then choose the winner.

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2 Reviews

Not bad not good

September 13, 2016

I will say, this is an average website. You can try it once.

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3 Reviews

Thums Up!

July 25, 2016

Had a great experience. Awesome site.

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2 Reviews

Great Company

June 15, 2016

Never had a problem with this company all good

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I like this site I think they have a great service

March 11, 2016

I've used them in the past with succcess.

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