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About 7 Day Weight Loss Pill

7 Day Weight Loss Pills claims that they are guaranteed to help their users lose 10 pounds in just seven days, using powerful, all natural ingredients which will burn belly fat, suppress appetite, and detoxify your body.

How Does It Work?

The website of 7 Day Weight Loss Pills says that this pill works in three different important ways. First, it includes ingredients that are intended to improve your body's natural fat burning processes by as much as 85%.

Then the pills also include strong, clinically proven appetite suppressants, so users can feel full longer and eat less. Finally, the pills also help users flush away stored waste and "the unwanted toxins that disrupt your metabolism and digestive system."

To take 7 Day Weight Loss Pills effectively, user must take 6 capsules approximately 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch with at least 8 ounces of water. Customers that want to lose additional weight can wait a full 7 days without the pills, and then begin a second regimen.

Cost/Price Plans

Currently this product is priced at $19.95 for one bottle, $39.90 for two bottles with one bottle included for free, or $59.85 for three bottles with two bottles included for free.

Ingredients and Side Effects

The website lists their active ingredients as Chromium, Senna Leaf, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Dandelion Root, Uva Ursi, and Buchu Leaves, and all ingredients are described as having a positive benefit in enhancing the body's ability to burn fat, suppress appetite, or detoxify.

The website does say, however, that since this product is intended to detoxify and eliminate waste, a common side effect experienced by most users is increased frequency of bowel movements. 

Refund Policy

This company says they offer a 90 day money back guarantee. Customers who are unhappy with their results are eligible for a full refund. This Refund Policy is good for a single used bottle and all other bottles unused and unopened, in resalable condition. Customers just need to contact Customer Service for return instructions. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to speak to their Customer Service team about their questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 877-641-9564, by email at [email protected], or by submitting them directly to their website.  


This product has mixed reviews, with some reviewers saying that it does have an immediate effect on weight loss, but this is mainly because the majority of their ingredients have either a diuretic or laxative effect, which means that results won't be long lasting.

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many, many other weight loss products available for users, including Alli Weight Loss, Sensa Weight Loss System, Pure GCE, Pure Green Coffee, and many, many more. 

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your 7 Day Weight Loss Pill reviews below.

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Read up on potential side effects

December14, 2016

Some common Chromium dietary supplements have been linked to heart problems. Uva Ursi has been associated with eye and liver problems. It also must be avoided by pregnant or nursing mom's.

Crash diets are often associated with adverse side effects. In addition, they seldom work. Use all "natural" plant remedies just as you would any other chemical drugs.

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