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5linx.com is the online home of 5LINX, a company which claims that they offer both people and businesses essential products and services they will use everyday, as well as a unique work from home opportunity.

5LINX provides people with an MLM, or multi level marketing, opportunity. This type of work from home business opportunity is different from other because MLM representatives have two different types of earning opportunities.

They make money from the direct sales of their various products, as well as also earning money from recruiting new representatives to sell these products as well. Recruited reps become part of a downline, which offers members residual earnings.

MLM business opportunities have a lot of supporters and detractors. It can be a difficult business model to be successful in, and because there has been a history of unethical and scam companies passing themselves off as MLM opportunities, there is a history of complaints associated with this type of business.

Because of this, the most important part of being an MLM representative are the products that you represent, because both methods of earning with MLM are based on how you can promote and distribute your products.

5LINX.com says that they offer a wide variety of products in the areas of telecommunication, energy, and many other types of products and services for both your home and your business.

Their Home Products inlcude the 5LINX Energy Program, the GLOBALINX VoIP Phone Service, Globalinx Mobi Wireless, and more, while their Business Products include the 5LINX Payment Solutions, the ML Salertz Sell Homes Faster, the Business Elite Services, and more.

5LINX says that with any multi level marketing opportunity, your level of success will depend on your personal efforts, so you will be provided with a wide range of support and training.

They say that their “Success System” is designed to help you leverage your time and maximize your income potential, and members who are looking for more information on how to get started can watch their informative video or have someone contact you directly with more specific information.

If you have any experience with this company or their products, please leave your 5linx.com reviews below.

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