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The free presentation on the 5 Tips to Lose Stomach Fat, by Caleb Lee and found online at 5TipsToLoseStomachFat.com, covers what Lee calls the “forbidden commandments” of losing belly fat.

Despite the fact that Caleb Lee says that many doctors believe that it is dangerous to your health and welfare to maintain body fat under 5%, he claims that he has 4% body fat and has been living that way for years now.

The five commandments presented in the video begin with the first: “Thou shall not eat healthy food.” The presentation then cites a study done by a nutritional professor who lost 27 pounds in ten weeks eating nothing but junk food.

The point that was proven was that it is not what you eat, but how much of it that matters. As long as the professor was taking in low numbers of calories, it didn’t matter that the calories came from donuts – he still lost weight.

And, according to the presentation, the most important thing to keep in mind when losing weight is just to lose weight quickly. However, Lee quickly says that he is not advocating eating junk food. Rather he does want you to eat healthy food, just very specific kinds of healthy foods.

The rest of the commandments direct what types foods to eat, in what types of quantities, along with a general guide to the types of exercises you should be doing. In general, The Super Diet seems to be advocating what is popularly called the “Paleo diet” or the “Caveman diet.”

If you are interested in ordering The Super Diet books, you will be charged two separate payments of $47 – the first when you order the book, and the second 30 days after purchase, after you have decided to not return the products.

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